England internationals could become targets as Leicester start search for Kasper Schmeichel replacement

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Reports suggests that Leicester might consider letting Kasper Schmeichel leave this summer without any other club mentioned only that the Danish international would like to play in Europe.

Leicester will not be in Europe next season and adding those two criterias together some might suggest Kasper Schmeichel is close to an exit at this football club.

Kasper Schmeichel is the longest serving member of the squad and his presence will of course be important, but still he is coming to an age were he might like to have a few more years at some other place to see football from another perspective.

As we all would like Kasper to stay and hope his mind is fresh on that idea we have allready seen other goalkeepers linked with the idea to find a replacement to consider.

Brighton shot stopper Robert Sanchez is a player seen as a target according to several tabloids this morning. Sanchez (24) is of course a player that could fit in, but also far from certain with a price tag of £50million on his head.

The idea of just handing over the gloves to present number two Danny Ward would be another move to consider as well as giving Daniel Iversen a fresh challenge after all his days out on loan being rated highly for his performances in League Championship this season.

Everton and Burnley do have the England boys Jordan Pickford and Nick Pope, and we all know that both players could be looking elsewhere if they were to be relegated with their current clubs. They would good alternatives both if Brendan Rodgers do need to fill a gap.

We all know that Kasper Schmeichel will not go on forever, but still have a number of years left as a goalkeeper and at his very best as this season has shown again what a great goalkeeper he is. If the alternative to keep him on is there, surely TCF would see that as the best choice.


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