Arsenal rumour comes and goes as Youri Tielemans looks more and more likely to become a Gooner

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Over a period of time Arsenal are said to be negotiating a deal for Youri Tielemans as the player himself is said to have agreed terms with his potential new club.

Number of different news channels report on interest from other parties as Arsenal has not yet made an official bid for the Belgian midfielder. To our notice no other club have placed an offer either.

TCF quoted Fabrizio Romano early on as he never really looks to miss his targets, but with news from Sky Sports suggesting Leicester were eager to lengthen his contract for a further year this process looks to have slown down.

We all know that transfers might come in different orders as other deals looks to be completed at The Emirates before a move for Youri Tielemans hits the table, but still will be the preferred move to happen.

Everton, Tottenham, West Ham, Newcastle, Real Madrid, Juventus, Man Utd and Liverpool are all clubs being linked with a move for Tielemans, but still all being more of in a soft category as the Arsenal deal looks as the one closest to the table.

Again we do believe that Arsenal will be the club to land Tielemans, almost no odds on him staying at Leicester, but in a World of uncertainty we do see an approach from Spurs or Juventus as something that could trigger.

We did believe this Youri Tielemans saga would have been over by now and a new club found, but we are still waiting for that official confirmation on this long dragging affair of a transfer.


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