Kasper Schmeichel on the move to Nice as a good alternative could be a German international on the fringe

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News from France earlier today makes a story of Kasper Schmeichel and his desire to join Nice. A club far from any type of top class football, but still enough to sharm the Danish goalkeeper.

He has according to L’Equipe made an agreement with Nice that will allow him to leave Leicester a year before his contract ends and do it without any transfer fee being involved.

Kasper has a run on many different club records but to break them all he needs at least three more seasons to catch Graham Cross and Adam Black as the leading appearance and leading league appearance record holders. That would be one difficult to reach if he dreams of a move elsewhere.

He is the goalkeeper with most appearances for the club and also top of the international caps list as his tally of 82 is one massive. He has also the only goalkeeper at the this football club to have won the PL and FA Cup.

Danny Ward and Daniel Iversen are both international capacities for Wales and Denmark, but still no real first team experience from Premier League action makes them alternatives seen as a bit risk taking.

We did see Leicester linked with Brighton number one Robert Sanchez but that looks more like a dream than reality. To pay £50million for a proven goalkeeper might be too much and looking at this picture we do not really see this coming.

Kasper has in real let the cat out of the sack and said he is eager to get out, to have him running around at Leicester for another season would be difficult. Other goalkeepers at the club will look at this and think what am I doing here if they play him and not me.

Brendan Rodgers and his pre-season preperations are messed up a bit by all this transfer talk that is disturbing, but still as long as players do have contracts to follow they just have to keep going and do their work and when a move becomes possible react to it.

Leicester need to look at fringe alternatives at other clubs with a certain Bernd Leno at Arsenal seen as the most attractive alternative. Leno is a proven goalkeeper with a grand track record and he is also one challenging Manuel Neuer and Marc-Andre ter Stegen.

Leno is not first priority at Arsenal with a certain Aaron Ramsdale being the one in front, and if Leicester comes in it would be a grand alternative and at the age of 30 he would be more than ready. He has played 9 times for his country and so far played 101 league games for Arsenal.

A fee would also be acceptable and probably affordable for Leicester as Arsenal would not seek a fee higher than £8million. Fulham is said to almost have completed a move for the German international but still Leicester would be a more attractive alternative for the shot stopper.

Leno could be the ideal man to get in as his presence at Arsenal has been under doubt and he could see his revenge coming through at a club like Leicester as his top level performance is far above most other alternatives available.


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