Exciting Leicester loan to Rochdale as Ben Nelson makes seldom and surprising switch between the two clubs

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Ben Nelson will spend a full season with Rochdale as the club today confirmed the move between the two clubs. Rochdale is currently playing in League Two and it will be good practise for the England U.18 international.

He must be a wanted man at Spotland since his age is only 18 and still far from the stage of first team football at Leicester. To see him leave was also a bit of a surprise.

Leicester are in need of getting players over the age of 21 off their wage bill and also having them loaned out or sold before the transfer window close to avoid getting odd solutions as players must sit out half a season. Ben Nelson is not one of them since he is just 18.

This is a move that of course from a sporting point of view will give Ben Nelson a great chance to progress and if he gets the chance to play regularly in League Two action he will of course get more and solid experience from a strong league seen as of course more competitive than playing Premier League 2 football.

He was involved in first team pre-season friendlies last summer and has been on the bench but yet to make his full Premier League debut for Leicester. He is seen as one special talent at the club and of course hopefull that the Northampton born defender will work his way up and forward and become a regular first team player at the club.

Looking at players in both camps you have a few, but still not many direct moves between the clubs as George Heyes comes to mind as a signing from Rochdale to Leicester as a back up for Gordon Banks. Heyes played 25 league games for Leicester over three seasons, from his debut vs. West Bromwich in 1961 until his move to Swansea in 1963.


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