For the future Leicester needs a better house of control as transfers in and out should be on terms set by the club

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Leicester are currently not able to make any new signings and need to sell players to get anyone in. This shows that the house is out of control and that past happenings has been done without a proper view on the future.

After following this club over the last 50 years we have seen this happen many times before and declines you thought was not possible occured.

During the years of Milan Mandaric it was obvious that any manager losing one or two games became a scapegoat and as this man changed managers the club made decline after decline and it all ended down in League One.

A scapegoat theory makes everything easy because you can point at one man and blame him for everything that is wrong, and of course that sets a certain standard on what to do.

But it all comes back to ownership and boardroom ideas as managers of football needs a certain plan to work from and in a good relation with a pattern and strategy that all agree up on you will be able to act. If you leave that plan and go out on your own for some reason, you are in trouble.

Desperate moves can often be seen by some managers trying to sort out a problem and instead of trying to solve it with players from your own group you find a quick solution as everyone loves, to find the perfect fit somewhere else and get him in as a cover, not thinking about what comes next.

Last season Leicester made such moves in the transfer market. Jannik Vestergaard and Ryan Bertand are the two signed as covers for injured players at that moment. They were two proven internationals with solid careers at Premier League level, but the danger of those signings are seen. The deals done is far from well spent as the amount of games and the salary paid have a ratio close to disaster.

Brendan Rodgers also knew that if everyone was fit he would probably never play Vestergaard or Bertrand in the first team. Then to push those two transfers over the line on contract terms and salaries paid looks as strange business.

Another aspect to look at are the number of players coming close to the end of their contracts and how you can get any sort of transfer fees needed to get a good payback as they all are part of the depth carried by the club.

We all know that heavy transfer fees are the reason why Leicester can pay players what they are earning at the moment and finance new signings. Sugerdadies could in the past go in and loan clubs more money to cover depths, but that is no longer in line with FFP. Contributions are of course allowed but you seldom see money cashed out from owners if not really needed, instead you just push your depths forward by paying the interest until a new big player sale is done. If you do not have that sale lined up you will not be able to bring anyone in.

At this point Leicester are in limbo with a manager that looks to have little or no say when it comes to the balance of transfers in and out. When you listen to Brendan Rodgers it looks as if someone else is taking care of this as his words do not really match.

Brendan Rodgers cannot demand sales of players that are still on contracts at the club, just move them out or let them sail on into the sundown. At present Leicester have no offers on the table for players and they are paying good money that others would struggle to offer. This should not be a surprise for the man in charge.

Leicester will need to take a closer look at their business model as it feels a bit risky going forward, not taking in the focus of having more than 25 players in their first team squad, not being able to trim it correctly from season to season.

Players should know their future and be in line with contracts offered. Kasper Schmeichel looks to have negotiated a deal with Nice a year before his contract comes to an end on terms which is strange. If this is true it is a bad trend and not ideal just weeks before a season kick-off.

Leicester did offer Youri Tielemans a new deal without really having an idea of what he was planning going forward. The situation went on for a full season without getting sorted out and still this looks very difficult. Having a player running out his contract and just ignoring the future of this football club is tragic work as it shows that the club have no control over the situation.

If you decide to do as Leicester have done and have two teams almost equal in standard to a cost far from your limit as a club you need to understand the risk as players not used in the first team and being on the fringe will be in decline.

So for the future the Patson Daka’s, Bouba Soumare’s, Ryan Bertrand’s and Jannik Vestergaard’s needs to be found in your own ranks as they are far from being regular first teamers and with that in mind a downsize of the squad needs to be seen as the club cannot continue to have a squad as big as it is at present.

If you look at Liverpool, Real Madrid and Man City they are clever in their squad logistic and their actual spending are almost equal to their cost when coming to players being signed and sold. Leicester have also in the past been seen as clever in that way and balanced their spendings well, but at a club with lower revenue it will be difficult to move forward if a sale or two are not going as planned.

A downsize of the squad to 20 players and having space for 2 or 3 to get in if needed and depend more on younger development players to be able to cover if injuries strikes is a model of more risk of failure in results but might be needed to get this club able to make moves in the transfer market when needed.

Brendan Rodgers is not to complain as he has the last word on any signings, on how his squad should look like and how he is to plan his next steps to secure success for Leicester as a club. He knows the size of Leicester, their overall fanbase and how much money you have without transfers out. He also knows very clearly the terms to get players in. Khun Top will not put more money in the till to use and growing this squad even more. Sales must happen not only for cash purposes but also to get the size of the squad down to a limit that is seen in regulations with Premier League terms.

So far the return of players and a new medical staff might be the best signings and it could be what Brendan Rodgers needs as his squad at present is the best ever at Leicester looking at size, cover and quality. Internationals all over and a fantastic base of staff.

Of course getting in a player or two would be good, but as we all know, you need to get players out and that is a difficult act as wages and contracts are far from what other clubs can afford and are willing to pay for Choudhury’s, Praet’s and Soyuncu’s.


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