Leicester among clubs taking part in Next Gen Cup 2022 as we make our look up and updates pre-season

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A lot is going on at Leicester during a pre-season and as we of course have our focus on the first team and also nice to have a look in on all the other events taking place as preperations are made.

We have seen Development players getting minutes in the first team but they have also travelled to different locations to play their games and one exciting event is the Next Gen Cup 2022.

This is seen as a major event especially in India and South Africa as the two nations partisipate to grow football and get exciting challenges against proper oppenents among development teams in Premier League football. Leicester, Forest, Crystal Palace, Tottenham and West Ham are the English teams involved as they compete in two different groups.

Leicester played Bengaluru in the first game yesterday. A grand result, 6-3 win to Leicester. Chris Popov scored a hat-trick and the three other goals came from Kian Pennent 2 and Will Alves. Kian Pennant did miss a penalty in the 82nd minute as you can see from video clips on twitter.

Leicester will play Stellenbosch of South Africa in their next game coming up on 30th of July. Stellenbosch defeated Forest in their opener with a strong 4-1 win. This game between Leicester and Stellenbosch will then be the final in the Midlands group.

The full fixture update is as following,

Next Gen Cup 2022 – Fixtures

July 27 – Leicester City vs Bengaluru FC, 9:30 PM IST 6-3 & Nottingham Forest vs Stellenbosch FC, 10:20 PM IST 1-4, Tottenham Hotspur vs Kerala Blasters, 3:30 PM IST 7-0 & Crystal Palace vs West Ham United, 5:30 PM IST 3-4, July 30 – 3rd Place: Match 1 loser vs Match 2 loser, 2:30 PM IST & Final: Match 1 winner vs Match 2 winner, 5:30 PM IST, 3rd Place: Match 1 loser vs Match 2 loser, 3:00 PM IST & Final: Match 1 winner vs Match 2 winner, 6:00 PM IST

The tournament is part of the longstanding partnership between Premier League and Football Sports Development Limited (FSDL) to support the development of football in India. This is major in India and to see more than 350 000 views on a video from a Leicester development game is an unusual affair.

All games are streamed live and you can of course follow the Midlands group final if you like.

Leicester had the following team lined up vs. Bengaluru; Arlo Doherty, Mirsad Ali, Ben Grist, Harvey Godsmark-Ford, Tom Wilson Brown, Henry Cartwright, William Alves (C), Brendon Cover, Chris Popov, Kian Pennant, Jayden Joseph, Subs: Jahmar Lindsay, Kelechi Chibueze, Amani Richards, Jack Lewis, Logan Briggs

To do follow up on all pre-season fixtures and have just updated it with a few more results.


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