Will Leicester again fly high after key recruitment or will it be problematic to get it correct without proper financial muscles

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The mix of problems this summer not being able to ship players out and at the same time not getting the fresh faces in, will of course be something to work on for the period going forward.

Martyn Glover and Lars Knudsen both came in late and started their work this week at the club and hopefully their arrivals will be to the better as both positions were vacant.

The challenges for Martyn Glover will start instantly and of course Lars Knudsen also will have his say as personel might be seen as problematic as certain standards in set-piece work is to be addressed. If you cannot adapt, you might have to move on, certainly surprises will appear.

Let’s consentrate on the work of Martyn Glover as he of course understand that Khun Top will not accept let players leave for fees below the price they were bought in for. A problematic scenario as loans have been taken up to finance those transfers from the past.

Some might have seen that other clubs in Premier League have made a number of new signings as they push forward, but still they need to look over their shoulder, those not doing that will get a very problematic few years and get into the same trap as Leicester looks to have fallen into.

Doing risky business and financing transfers with heavy loans will tie that price tag to the player as both wages and value cannot be faulted. To see Brendan Rodgers being able to buy players such as Patson Daka, Bouba Soumare and Jannik Vestergaard last summer makes you wonder how that was possible.

In the perfect picture you will be able to ship them out for a fee higher than you bought them for, but as we sadly have seen, no one values those players to the price Leicester need to see them offloaded. Selling players below their in price will of course see depth still on the player if sold for a fee below.

Certain critical fans loves to chat and talk about every aspect of the game, but still do not understand how this club have been working on transfers over the past few years. The sales of Riyad Mahrez, Harry Maguire, Ben Chilwell has not gained enough revenue to cover for possible new signings as the roll has stopped due to financial issues. Lossess on players that left the club after contract ends or lower transfer fees received than paid, such as Okazaki, Ulloa, Silva, Slimani, Kapustka, Musa, Ghezzal, Iborra and more, did not have the cover financially as that group in all did see a loss in transfers in the region of £30 to £40million.

Every player must be looked at as one asset each and as other investments you need to understand what you will gain or lose by adding that typical player to the squad at what price you can pay to not lose too much money. It looks as those analysis have not been made as we have seen tragical outcome of too many bad transfer desicions.

The club can of course get new cash in from outside or from sources of ownership but that in it self should have been done in the first place before taking up heavy loans to buy players. Thai ownership might not be ideal in this situation as financial muscles are not at a level needed to compete above your weight with a plan to buy yourself up in that company depending on a loan strategy. Leicester looks cash strapped and owners are at this point not able to loan more as Martyn Glover will have to find a masterplan to get the club back on track.

Ayoze Perez, Dennis Praet, Youri Tielemans, Nampalys Mendy and Caglar Soyuncu are all players seen as potential sales objects. Bouba Soumare has also been mentioned, but they cannot be sold to far below their cost as money lost will see Leicester further growing depth.

The clever act would be to sell players who have no or minor cost, such as Daniel Iversen, Harvey Barnes, Luke Thomas or Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall. James Maddison and James Justin are also players that will be seen at prices that could help steady the ship, but then we all know that what is left will not be good enough. It will take miracles to get in new players like Mahrez, Kantè, Drinkwater and several others that made their price tag rise to heavy levels.

The problem doing wrong business with such large amounts in play is that you have put yourself at risk of not being able to get the money back from a future sale. Khun Top did point out that in his programme notes. Going forward Leicester needs to invest smarter and not splash out money on whatever the manager wants as he do probably not understand the financial risk of not being able to get a player sold for the same or more.

This is not any news in football. Let’s hope that Leicester again can move forward and do good business without being trapped in the setting of sports that often ignore or do not understand the world of money and loan trades.


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