Leicester to benefit from having their game vs. Aston Villa postponed as key men will get more days to prepare

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Wout Faes has just recently arrived at Leicester and had no presence in the game vs. Brighton as his work permit was not cleared. He is now ready to go.

Another arrival that we all have been waiting for is the new set-piece coach and he has now arrived and is well introduced and ready for work. The Dane Lars Knudsen will be in charge of this element going forward.

He is man of high influence as he can prepare players in both boxes as set-piece action might have been heavily underrated at Leicester .

Overlooking this area of the game, or not having it 100% correct as you start to work on the problem, might not solve it but making it worse.

Leicester have turned a number of stones this summer as a new medical staff is in as well as this appointment of Lars Knudsen.

Hopefully one more week to practise will give Leicester more power and also self confidence going into that next game coming up, and hopefully it will also help Brendan Rodgers in his selection policy as players are important with certain changes to be done.


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