Gary Lineker and Piers Morgan have their say as fans from abroad are left in limbo getting their England weekend destroyed

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Condolences from over the sea as we are of course deeply sorry to see the passing of Her Majesty The Queen of the United Kingdom. She has been on the thrown for a grand number of memorable decades of football.

She hounoured sports and also attended several FA Cup finals as well as one special World Cup final. A great number of grand footballers during several decades made her acquaintance out on the green grass of Wembley and also after the final whistle, walking the stairs to meet her again.

The fact that Premier League decided to postpone their games this weekend will influence all travelling fans from abroad as thousands are flying out every week to attend games. This postponements will of course destroy the weekend as tickets are bought and they must instead do something else.

Piers Morgan made his views as one minute silence or even applauds from all fans of football would really be what the Queen might have wanted herself. Cricket games as well as Rugby will resume.

Statement from RFU;

“Rugby, at its heart, is about community and bringing people together, in good times and in sad. Rugby clubs are a source of strength and support during times of uncertainty, and we hope that by enabling games and other rugby activity to go ahead this weekend, with families and friends congregating, it will help us to unite at this time of national mourning.”

English football do have a grand following from abraod, often families with children are flying out to visit and some might be going for the first time, their weekend holliday will now be different or even cancelled.

We do of course understand the reason behind such a move, but in all perspectives, you might have been better of with just going on as usual and instead of postponing games applaud or have a minute silence which has been a pattern of the past.

Looking at it all in perspective she was the one handing over the World Cup trophy to Bobby Moore. Also present in 1949 when handing over the FA Cup trophy to Billy Wright of Wolves after their 3-1 win vs. Leicester.

RIP, Her Majesty The Queen


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