Leicester scouts should go to the far north of Norway to watch Tromso attacking midfielder August Mikkelsen

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Martyn Glover needs to look other places than the top shelf of the best European leagues. Norway is a place in change as the game has seen great professionalism over the last five or six years. Tromso is a place to look and also a place with Leicester relations as both Lars Hirschfeld and Gary Ford has been there.

Tromso is a grand football city and getting back out in Europe will of course be a goal. Molde, Bodo Glimt, Sarpsborg and Rosenborg are recent examples of teams doing well and players gaining great experience in Europe.

Leicester have been absent from this market. At the moment Daniel Iversen is the only Scandinavian part of the structure, so why the club do not look at this market, is a bit of a riddle. Norwegian players has been adaptable to English football in the past and during the 90’s made a great number of moves direct from Norwegian clubs.

Despite recent struggle for the Norwegian national team to qualify for Euro’s or World Cup’s their u.21 team currently qualified themselves to next years Euro’s finals.

This team do have a lot of talent and the growth sees more players coming through and are getting professional careers abroad. More than 100 Norwegian players are playing abroad and at home clubs are really nursing forward new great talents year by year through a grand system of nationwide organisation.

August Mikkelsen of Tromso is one to watch as his presence is heavy at the moment. His skills are special and will soon be approached by foreign clubs and of course Molde and Bodo Glimt are keeping an eye on him as they are able to pay as their European success has seen their kitty filled.

Mikkelsen scored a cracker in Tromso’s home game vs. Bodo Glimt lately as they managed a grand 3-2 win at home and his presence really showed. Tromso were 3-0 up when the 21 year old maestro left the field with an injury.

The key for Norwegian clubs is to use their money inside their own country and see money floating down into the talent factories of lower leagues and in that way be able to bring in good coaching staffs around and help more players up and forward.

Leicester do have the oppertunity to send a player or two to Belgium and even to clubs at a lower shelf to see talents getting that vital pitch time.


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