Leicester picked only 2 points from possible 18 to finish 5th in Premier League as fixtures can be trolls

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In 2019/20 Leicester finished 5th in Premier League and qualified for Europe.

Games vs. Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Brighton away, Man Utd and Southampton at home, were no highlights picking up only 2 points from those fixtures.

This season we have zero points from the same games. To see it all coming in a row makes it difficult to accept. But as you can see, no one asked for the managers head, as you had other wins and draws in between.

The problem today, is the results, as we have seen big numbers in goals conceded. In play and possession, Leicester are major and not outplayed by anyone.

Leicester are still seeking their first win of the season, but with light on the 2019/20 season you do have to see the positives as it all ended with a place in Europe and for a long period of time in the top four.


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