The search for a new path is needed at Leicester and it has nothing to do with Brendan Rodgers as a manager

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Looking back, you do have certain patterns of Leicester as a club, being in the top tier for the last eight years and in their ninth season. The longest period of consecutive seasons in the top flight, goes back to the run from 1957 to 1969.

Over the years of that special run, Leicester had three managers, David Halliday, Matt Gillies and Frank O’Farrell. Halliday struggled to keep a momentum, Gillies took over and managed to establish the club as a team, winning trophies and reaching cup finals as well as being a steady top flight league regular.

Matt Gillies had to take leave, as an illness occurred. The team had seen a difficult period as Frank O’Farrell was appointed his successor, after a period with caretaker Bert Johnson in charge.

Leicester is in a similar situation at present with one of the most outstanding football men in English football in charge. Strangely, star players have been reluctant to sign new contracts. Leicester cannot do too much, as player sales are needed to finance new signings.

Sadly, the club are in a bit of a struggle as they have reached a stage when identity crisis have occurred and the club cannot really attract certain players to stay as a new training ground and stadium capacity extensions cannot see their future at the club. You have seen the same at Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham as stars are seeking some sort of nirvana in their careers.

So why are players such as James Maddison and Youri Tielemans reluctant to stay. Dreams of something else might be a reason. The big question is why? instead of continue to fight for this magnificant badge. Is it the manager?, the owners? and a project they do not trust?

Khun Top and his board might have to seek some sort of help as they cannot invest in the squad as much as we would like to see the project going forward.

Newcastle fans had a bit of the same problem as we did see Mike Ashley not really being bold enough to try to expand, instead the Magpies became a team between the two top tiers and not really challenging for anything.

This might be the situation at present, with an illusion that a EFL Cup final or an FA Cup medal would be in reach with this type of strategy, with a sniff of Europe possible. But harsly TCF would say this is like giving a man in charge just a fishing rod without any bite.

Khun Top and his family are well liked and of course the job done has been brilliant, but should a team winning titles be happy if they see decline and an owner not able to invest in new players, without selling his best assets?


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