The change of a special key fact that has set Leicester on the right track as they constantly keep clean sheets

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The change in form at Leicester and the struggles at set pieces looks to be gone. We all know how the struggles has been seen and how you can see that things have changed.

Especially defending at set-pieces are important and if you do not organize your penalty area in a certain way and have focus on opponent players and their movement as well as having the correct tools to work from.

Different teams have different tactical approaches on a corner and on free kicks, not being able to analyze this correctly and giving it less attention than needed could be a failure.

Lars Knudsen came into the set up in August and his presence is to be seen, especially in the game vs. Man City as we did see a number of corners being created, but not reallly making much, and it’s all up to proper defending.

If you have a guy working on this all the time and getting the attention needed you will improve in those areas as well, and especially the defending part is a key.

We have seen Jamie Vardy making interesting runs just before a corner or a free kick is taken as this also could be work that could see Leicester score more from set pieces in the future.


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