Kolo Tourè sacked after 59 days in management, no mercy as Leicester life could have been all over anyway

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Life of football management can be cruel sometimes as Kolo Toure had to leave his post as Wigan boss after just 59 days. He had little or no success as there were no effect regarding change in results as The Latics are stuck at the bottom of the Championship table.

Kolo Toure’s story is a proof that successful playing career counts for nothing as a coach. He left his position at Leicester to try out the thrill of getting to lead and this must have been a massive blow, but still TCF simply don’t understand this match taking place.

For an assistant to take full charge might be a thrill, but to go for a project that looked totally lost in the first place and leave his position at Leicester looked strange. Brendan Rodgers had been under pressure for a while and Kolo Toure might have feared for his position at the club and jumped at this chance.

We will see what happens next for the experienced footballer and coach as his coaching at Leicester did come under critisism when set pieces was a topic, arranging for Lars Knudsen to come in and do that job, something you would believe an experienced defender such as Toure could have fixed.

We certianly hope Kolo Toure will be back in football at some stage, but a chance in management might be too soon as this project crashed before it started, and sorry to see such a cruel decission done regarding a good man.

To act like this after just 59 days makes you wonder what type of job was done in front of the appointment and how owners and board at Wigan do behave as this looks a total disgrace from a sporting and employee perspective.


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