Leicester relegation certain as Amartey looks to future with positives to count despite 0-2 defeat vs. West Ham

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Bobby Amartey is one of the players to come up and through the ranks at Leicester. He has this season played at U.18 and U.21 level, and shows the bold decission making from the coaching staff to bring younger players through.

This season has been challenging with a lot of defeats and of course with a number of mature players leaving last summer, a few moving out on loan and then try to compete with the best teams in the country, you will have a difficult job on your hands.

Yesterday also became a game of difficulties seeing the final result ending in a 2-0 defeat vs. West Ham. Leicester are stuck to the bottom with only 15 points and have no hope of survival with two games left. But still there are positves as this U.21 league creation makes it difficult.

Ben Petty has lost two key players in Sammy Braybrooke and Will Alves, both out with injuries, as their influence would have been massive. The return of Khanya Leshabela from his loan spell at Crewe, has also been a bit mixed, not being involved in the latter stages of the season, and of course one player that would have given the midfield more power and strength.

You also have the dilemma of keeping a player at the club to stay on or give him an opportunity to test himself on a loan spell somewhere at another club in other tiers og countries, as we have seen with Kasey McAteer, Ben Nelson, George Hirst and Jakub Stolarczyk.

Bobby Amartey is one that has come up and forward with all of these players absent, so to see him getting experience and progress is good, but still not ideal looking at the fact that the club next season will be competing on a lower level and probably not have the same appeal towards players who could look at Leicester as a step up.

We still do believe that one more year in this environment for the group will of course give them hope to push back to the very highest level.

Leicester: Young, Cartwright, Ali, Brunt, Booth, Maswanhise, Cover, Pennant, Norkett, Popov, Amartey, Subs; Wormleighton, Goodsmark-Ford, Hill, Richards


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