Still nothing settled as Leicester were defeated 1-2 at home to West Ham but loads of positives to report on

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Coach Wille Kirk was disappointed with the over all performance direct after the game, but watching it live from the website, we do feel that it was a good battle against a well organized West Ham.

Paul Konchesky had his team well organized and got the result he came for, doing the job from the sideline as he again brought home 3 points from a game at King Power.

Leicester have in their games at King Power done well, with wins against Reading and Liverpool. Probably high hopes of copying those performances, but as we did see, that became difficult, seeing Sofie Howard scoring an own goal after just 18 minutes play.

Then to see Dagny Brynjarsdottir giving West Ham a 2-0 lead after 60 minutes, it all looked a lost battle. But as the game went on and with 9 minutes added time, Leicester managed to get in some way back with solid fight and enough chances ot have won.

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Leicester came close to scoring and when rewarded a penalty just at the end of stoppage time, it was well servied. Hannah Cain scored with a nice finish, sending the goalkeeper in the wrong direction, as she placed the ball in the middle. Just minutes before the penalty, Ruby Mace got her second yellow as the midfielder on loan from Man City had to leave the field.

Despite the disappointment from the coach and also hearing the same words from Aileen Whelan in her interview after the game, we do feel that Leicester had the upper hand and with a bit of luck made it a better day. The spirit shown towards the end must taken on against Whelan’s former club Brighton, as they face them next for final game of the season. Looking at the stats you will see Leicester being the dominating team and also having chances enough to win it, and for a team in this league position, that must be the factors to consider.

Bottom placed Reading, two points below Leicester, will be playing league leaders Chelsea. We ceartainly hope The Blues will like to finish their season on a high. Anyhting but a Reading win will see Leicester survival and be a fantastic boost for this interesting project going forward.

Leicester line up;

Leitzig, Bott, Howard, Plumptre, Nevin, Whelan, Mace, Tierney, Siemsen, Cain, Jones, Subs: Goodwin, O’Brien


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