Red Leicester, Green Leicester, the kits that made everything different

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Leicester is often seen i blue and white, either a full blue or a full white as home and away kits, but they have made changes to their third kit over the years.

This season is no different with a grey and gold colour mix never seen before. Leicester is actually more Red than Blue, if you talk about cheese. Since Red Leicester is known all over the World, and can be bought in almost every good Supermarket around the Globe, while the shirts of Leicester City FC is much rare seen outside the City of Leicester.

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The team have from time to time been seen in a red kit. Back in the 60’s a few times in a combination with white shorts, and in the 70’s with black shorts, but also in all red. During the days of Admiral, Leicester played Queens Park Rangers in red and had it as a third kit for that period of time.

Later moving to Umbro, the red just followed and from games with Gary Lineker in action you can see him in an all read kit, which for many is ok, for others they don’t really like to see the club wearing red.

When Leicester returned to the top flight in 1983, they introduced a dark green kit with yellow stripes, which never became a hit with the fans. During the Leicester Leisure years an all yellow or a yellow with blue shorts was seen as a good option.

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The yellow has gone and come back from time to time. We have also seen Leicester City in a grey kit, and also in one green / blue weared in the 95/96 season. The away kit from 2003/04 was special, going back to it’s original colors, black with a light blue diagonal stripe.

Leicester City introduced a white shirt with a light blue and black stripe used in 2005 to 2007 with the Leicester Alliance name on the front. Going back to the old days Leicester City could be seen in home shirts similar to the Sheffield Wednesday kit, blue and white stripes.

If we rate the current away shirts of this season, they are both rare and never seen before with the gold and grey and the white with blue combinations on top. Not my favourites and would rather have seen an all white, and one in origin combination of a light blue stripe over a black shirt, would be great with the Adidas badge.

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To be a bit old fashion, would like to see Leicester City in blue shirts, white shorts and blue stockings. The all blue is also ok, then an all white should always be there just transparent with the blue one, and to keep the black with the light blue ribbon as the alternative third kit, would be ideal in the World of Tcf.

So for the future please skip other combinations, yellow, grey and gold, all black or green with yellow stripes, no, not for me, thank you.

Leicester City in red,

Leicester City in green,

Leicester City in original,

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