Rachid Ghezzal, no Mahrez, rather a Chris Waddle copy

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After watching the starting debut of Rachid Ghezzal v. Liverpool, I would not say he is very much a player to compare with Riyad Mahrez, he is a different type, but there are of course similarities.

Ghezzal is as Mahrez, born in France, but play internationally for Algeria. He is probably friends with Mahrez, since they are both in the same national team. Ghezzal operates on the wing and can score goals.

But out there on the field, Ghezzal is not the same, being more patient, having an another sort of acceleration and really looking more like Chris Waddle, with a great technique, good passes and more of a team player.

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Ghezzal can score goals, have a sharp shot and looks a better defensive alternative, but again the movement of Mahrez, his dribbling and moves is also a bit different.

Ghezzal made a great impression on tcf in this game v. Liverpool and to see Puel just throwing him out there against one of the giants in the Premier League is of course telling  a story.

Hopefully he will continue his progress and show more clinical touches which again will make it possible for Leicester City to grow and play the football Puel is eager to establish.

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Ghezzal, signed in the summer from Monaco, winning the competition for his signature with other clubs such as Watford and Southampton, is a good sign.

Rachid is the younger brother of former Siena, Bari and Como midfielder Abdelkader Ghezzal, who spent almost his entire career in Italy being at several clubs from 2005 to 2016. The older Brother of Rachid is also an Algerian full international.

We have enclosed two vidoes of Rachid Ghezzal and one of Chris Waddle, one 100 % similarity is that both are players with a life at clubs in France and England. Rachid Ghezzal with Lyon, Leicester and Monaco, Waddle with Newcastle, Tottenham and Marseille.

Rachid Ghezzal

Chris Waddle

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