Claude Puel, your calculation doesn’t add up, a new man needed next season, and that is …

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To see Jamie Vardy left out of the Leicester City team is like telling a joke, and just start to wonder if Claude Puel has had a total black out. His theory doesn’t add up and surely he has no consultancy among his assistants, or are all thinking like this, then it’s no hope.

The way Claude Puel selected his team, shows how arrogance can result in a manager losing his job. Because leaving out the player who scores the goals against the top six teams, and as well the only one scoring goals, you are not in control, you are just upsetting players and fans, and when no one understands your decisions then you are a bit out on the wrong motorway.

Tcf gets annoyed when watching such idiotic tactical gambles and you are let down before the game starts. Other fans are texting and surely are upset, and they ask all those questions that Puel’s assistants should have asked him. This just let fans down, who have travelled to support their team, or follow their team week in and week out, you don’t put your best player on the bench for such an event.

It’s like walking into a World Cup final and suddenly taking the captain out of the team and telling him he will not play, and then losing the final, and everyone starts wondering, what did he eat for dinner.

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This game as we also witnessed when Jamie Vardy came on, it was made for him and Puel himself said that it was a game were they could attack behind the line, and why not play Vardy in his perfect enviroment.

No offense to Demarai Gray, but he is not a center forward and would rather have used Kelechi Iheanacho in the role, if Vardy was absent, but with Vardy ready to go, you don’t place him on the bench.

It’s like the Pogba situation at Manchester United, not really honoring his qualities, and as a manager, Jose Mourinho, put himself in a difficult situation, because he was stubborn and behaving totally idiotic, we are now experiencing the same at Leicester City.

Claude Puel is doing himself no favors with the way he juggles his team around and how he just unsettles the players. The fact that he then puts Vardy on, to solve his problems, and gives him, an hour after dropping him, all the confidence in the World and letting him take a penalty, that he surely shouldn’t have taken, shows how bad decision making totally adds up.

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This also tells a story of a soft assisting management and if the whole group of coaches were either not taken in to consultancy when picking the team, and leaving out Vardy, which in itself is a major and big decision, then this is something we would just stamp “bollocks”, because you don’t go around working like this in any type of management, this is “stupidity”.

Hopefully the quotes of Peter Schmeichel is taken out of context and just build on some words said, and surely and hopefully Kasper Schmeichel will be staying at Leicester City, and as we have seen now, this cannot continue, this is just being a running experiment not resulting in anything.

The game in itself was positive as it has been many many times, also against weaker oppostion. The picture is the same, even against Newport, Leicester had the ball the most and were clearly the best team, no one doubted that, but in football, you can do what you like, if you don’t  score goals, it never counts.

Only one player at Leicester City is able to score goals with some type of consistency and that is Jamie Vardy, again today we could see that happening. So Claude Puel dropping Vardy is something you should never do again this season, you will get it right into your face and being punished and by the summer being replaced by a new manager.

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You have of course a number of candidates, but would surely try to tempt Frank Lampard away from Derby County. He is a young and up and coming manager who have shown enough already this season that makes him qualified for the Leicester City job.

Cannot see another “old body” coming in to “save” Leicester City, and to get someone in without Premier League experience either as a player or a manager, would be just taking a season at the time, with Lampard, Leicester City would get the ideal man.

We believe that Lampard can both be an inspiration for the current group of players and a lot of younger stars would love to play for the former great.

Cannot see Claude Puel at Leicester City next season, surely cannot see that happening, and if that happens, he needs to start winning football games, stop trolling with his team and really find a settled system and not upset every player at the club and surely not those who are most established.

To see Vardy and Schmeichel upset about the situation is a bit difficult and frustrating and hopefully the way forward will be found, but again nothing should be done at this moment and just let Puel frustrates us all for the rest of this season, then hopefully Derby County just ends in the position they are now, just outside the play-off zone, and Leicester City can go and sign up Lampard.

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