The birthday boys, former and current foxes, who are we celebrating this month, never miss the Facebook updates!

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Every day during the year, if you follow us on Facebook, you will get unique and special updates on all current and former foxes birthdays.

This April a number of foxes are of course congratulated via our Facebook pages, and always nice to see who are “turning”.

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Players who will be congratulated and allready are this April includes the likes of Shinji Okazaki, Matthew Upson, Mike Stowell, Pontus Kåmark, Steve Claridge, David Webb, Christian Fuch and Alistair Brown.

If you start following us on Facebook you will not miss out on the next this April, including Dion Dublin, Billy McKinlay, Spencer Prior, Chris Garland and Gerry Daly who are all turning up during the next days of April.

40 years jubilee, Matthew Upson, 50 years jubilee, Pontus Kåmark, both been congratulated from our Facebook page, don’t miss out on the jubilee’s.

You are always finding interesting and new updates also on Pinterest, with new boards and photos added, don’t miss out the next updates.

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