When we were green, the most notorious in Leicester City history

Leicester City are known as blue and white, and for most have an all white away shirt. We have seen Leicester City in a number of other colors as well. Next season pink will be seen and black also a color used in the past. Red, yellow and grey are other colors used and in between 1983 and 1985 it was “green”.

We have looked back on that green shirt and the games when it was worn. This was a time playing in the top tier and iconic players as Gary Lineker, Alan Smith, Ian Wilson and Andy Peake were all seen in this jersey.

Leicester City never won a single game in the green shirt, despite being one getting the “cult” status. The design is seen as “good” with the Ind Cope logo in transparency. Admiral was the kit supplier,

The running fox was also seen as “modern” and a move away from the traditional crest, also seen on those other kits in this period of time. Looking back it all looked neat and fresh and a bit like the kits today.

One of those games was away against Coventry City on the 17th of September 1983. Two foxes were on the scoresheet, Nicky Platnauer scoring for “Sky Blues” and Gary Lineker hitting the net for Leicester in the game at Highfield Road ending in a 2-1 defeat.

We also wore the kit away to Chelsea not either going so well, and on a few other occasions but it was seldom seen as a preferred kit in a period when the home colors were traditional blue and white.

Fans tend to look at the odd one out, and this has been a thread on Foxes Talk, nice to look it up and have an interesting view of that very special kit. The green shirt transformed during time, being also seen with a white logo of Ind Cope, and also taking the admiral logo out of the number.

The kit is also known as “the unlucky kit” as we have written above, never won a single game wearing them. So you would like them back, TCF is not in favor, let it be a good memory.

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