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Leicester City and Burnley played each other last Saturday and one player that really set the standard was former fox Chris Wood, who scored the opening goal and was on to his 2nd, but stopped by a very soft VAR decision, luckily for Leicester City settling a 2-1 win.

Danny Drinkwater is another player that has made a move to Burnley this season, joining on loan from Chelsea. Ben Mee is a third who is currently at Burnley and has been in both camps, playing for Leicester City as far back as in the 2010/11 season.

Michael Keane who spent time on loan at Leicester City being the partner of Wes Morgan in most of the 2012/13 season, later had a good time at Turf Moor and from there joined Everton in a big money fee transfer. Leicester City loaned Keane from Manchester United who let the talented defender leave.

Going back a number of years you find Andy Lochhead who was a forward at Burnley and Leicester in the 60’s. A tall forward who could score goals. Steve Thompson, a midfielder, playing during the 90’s at Leicester City and Burnley and of course not forgetting Ade Akinbiyi, the forward who had a bit of a troubled stay at Leicester City, but at Turf Moor he did well and even returning for a 2nd spell.

Leicester City and Burnley are also clubs of former Iceland international Joey Gudjonsson. We also have Frank Sinclair who had a great time at both clubs, and always gave it all during a very long career. Frank joined Burnley from Leicester in 2004 and added up a total of 256 league games for both clubs.

Few might remember Winston White from his days at Leicester City, being ironically one of the first black players to appear in a first team at the club. White spent his early days in football at Leicester City and had a spell at Burnley in his 30’s.

It might be a few more going later back in the archive, but as far as we have seen these are the names to count.

A list of players in both camps,

  • Goalkeepers
  •  Defenders
    • Ben Mee
    • Micheal Keane
    • Frank Sinclair
  • Midfield
    • Steve Thompson
    • Danny Drinkwater
    • Winston White
    • Joey Gudjonsson
    • Robbie James
  • Forwards
    • Chris Wood
    • Andy Lochhead
    • Ade Akinbiyi

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