A sensational signing that could secure top four for Leicester City

Leicester City are in the race for a top four position. The start to the season has been phenomenal with their latest win v. Burnley seeing them third in the Premier League table, two places and one point above their 5th position after nine games in the 2015/16 PL winning season.

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Of course there are concerns with a number of positions not probably covered as best as possible and to not have a striker alternative on the bench is seen as a strange disposition by Brendan Rodgers.

What Rodgers needs is a player that he can trust and that can give that extra push and an edge or x-factor if you like, that could change games or just continue deliver and also be a possible cover if Jamie Vardy is either getting tired or are for some reason absent.

The future of Kelechi Iheanacho looks grim and somewhere else than Leicester City, not really given a fair chance been left out week in and week out of the first team squad. To be able to get a certain lift in January a new recruit is needed.

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The name Zlatan Ibrahimovic is circulating around and a possible return to Europe looks as a scenario with the 38 year old looking for a possible deal and we all know what Kevin Phillips brought to the table when he joined Leicester City as a 40 year old in that 2013/14 season.

Zlatan has been linked with a move to Napoli, and just his presence at Leicester City would be phenomenal and it would also put the club on a different map World Wide if that happens. The story might be different as Zlatan might be a bit reluctant to such a move not really being fielded in every game, but if he is settled with a type of sub job and playing out wide in some games, then he would be the ideal man for the club.

Brendan Rodgers is known for doing shrewd moves, and he is not afraid of taking risks as he did with Mario Balotelli at Liverpool, but that turned out as very bad decision making and it never became a good match, but this shows that Rodgers can surprise people.

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David Beckham made a number of moves too and from MSL during his playing days and his short stays at AC Milan and Paris St Germain, playing for the French top club at the age of 38, so to say that Zlatan is too old is very wrong. Zlatan ironically played alongside Beckham in his last season in football.

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Another player to look at if you are considering a new forward is Chelsea’s Olivier Giroud, but probably another difficult move to get through as he is looking for a certain first team spot and that might be difficult to secure with Jamie Vardy being the top choice as he should be, not starting a rotation policy. not at all.

The transfer window in January is not much of a “window” with little or nothing happening, but to get Zlatan in would be a move that would be sensational.


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