How can Premier League continue?, Leicester City players in self-isolation, games to continue behind closed doors, no, please close it down!

Today it was announced that Real Madrid players are in quarantine and yesterday the game between Arsenal and Man City was postponed, so why are Premier League talking of a continued run of games?

Yesterday Liverpool played Atletico Madrid at Anfield with a full crowd inside, strange to see this under these circumstances. PSG played behind closed doors in their match v. Dortmund. Man Utd has put their whole squad under threat by running out against Lask Linz in a country hard hit by Corona, so why is this continuing?

TCF is based in Norway and over here every event of sports are stopped, even down at grassroot levels, as the Corona is spreading and reached a number of 700 or so infected. That makes it impossible to continue with sports and the government over here have not only stopped sports, but also closed schools and forbidden major public events in every aspect for the time being.

To see players getting quarantine and other clubs now testing their players for Corona is of course great and positive. As soon as a player or someone part of a coaching staff are catching this virus then we believe football in all will be “closed down”.

Stan Collymore got a lot of attention on twitter supporting a “close”, and TCF agree just postpone the rest of the season, until this situation is under control, and be forced to do so. We believe that will be happening anyway.

Two days ago no one really thought that such drastic plans had to be installed over here, but at the moment it looks as the only correct thing to do, as you still have a spread of this terrible virus.

Fans and officials of football should go in front, hopefully they will understand the situation when it hits them and their families and not just go around and ignore this sad and difficult situation.

Latest news are that three Leicester City players are self-isolated after showing symptoms of Corona, we will continue to follow this in the hours to come.

Wish you all well


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