The odd colours of Jamie Vardy, from pink to black in a variety of jerseys

Jamie Vardy arrived at Leicester City in the summer of 2012 and made his league debut shortly after in that season opener v. Peterborough United. He has since that day almost eight years ago experienced a fantastic life of football, a dream come through.

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He later made his big breakthrough in the Premier League v. Manchester United, winning 5-3 in that sunny affair of a football game, that paved the way for some exciting days coming forward with Premier League action of top class, some fantastic goals and of course playing in the Champions League. He only played 26 league games and a modest amount of 4 goals never told a story of one of the best forwards to be.

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In his second season he had the pleasure of wearing of course blue and white, but also grey and yellow. Vardy became more and more important for Leicester City and nettet 16 goals in 37 league appearances as the team clinched promotion.

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Leicester City were back in the top flight with 10 years absence in 2014/15 and they were also back in red colours wearing that strip in a few games during the season. The color never became a favorite as the team struggled in all red. Vardy also had a bit of struggle to adapt with only 5 goals in the Premier League in his first season.

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in the 2015/16 season Jamie had his big breakthrough, establishing himself as a proven international and helping Leicester City win the title with 24 league goals in 36 games. One of the kits was the all white, which looked neat and special

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Leicester and Jamie Vardy made their debut in the Champions League and had this white kit with blue thin lines as one of their kits. The others were red and of course the all blue. A season of problems really as Jamie never got his tally to the heights of the previous season, netting 13 goals in 35 outings.

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In that next season, the 2017-18, Jamie scored 20 goals again, despite another roller coasting ride. This time a black strip was among Leicester City colours.

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The 2018-19 season did see Leicester City in blue and white, but the third kit was a bit special and a new yellow and grey colored jersey that really stood out and was liked by certain supporters while others hated it. Jamie did score 18 goals in that season.

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This season Leicester are in either blue and white, deep grey / black or in pink and of course the pink jersey is the talk of the town, but personally would avoid that color for a kit if possible, it’s not Leicester City, but again one that will be remembered. Jamie has scored 19 goals so far this season and we just have to wait and see if he will increase that tally.


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