The special key to Champions League qualification, Wes “On a Cigar” Morgan!

The inclusion of Wes Morgan against Sheffield United was a clear indication that Brendan Rodgers still have faith in “the everlasting”. Wes Morgan knows his role at Leicester City, and that he no longer is a clear first team candidate, but with his performance against The Blades he showed what a type and leader he is.

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Trevor Morley, previously playing for Northampton Town, Manchester City and West Ham United, now living in Norway and a pundit with TV2, who covers the Premier League, said in his talk at half-time that Wes Morgan ‘was on a cigar’, captaining Leicester City with such fantastic controll in the back and not really seeing anything of a forward line at Sheffield United that hammered Chelsea a few days ago.

Big Wes has his critics and we have seen it all at message boards, talk in pubs among foxes fans and of course by those pundits and experts that knows it all, Wes is finished they said, but of course he is not, among Leicester City’s best performers yesterday.

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A key to a Champions League spot next season can be the involvement of Wes Morgan as he performed “On a Cigar”, what a comment, just perfect, being so calm and at the right place at the right time against players that last week terrorised a Chelsea defence probably rated a bit higher on the shelf than the Leicester City captain.

The performance of Kasper Schmeichel against AFC Bournemouth was a shame. To probably get him to consentrate on only goalkeeper matters, it was a perfect act by Brendan Rodgers to include and give Wes the captaincy.

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So fantastic to see Wes back in the team and his presence will be crucial in the games coming up against Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United. A fact is that Wes played Sheffield United 17 years ago, so on a debut day for Luke Thomas, getting most headlines, what about Wes “On a Cigar” Morgan, a hero, legend and great person, what a player!

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