A kit of hope and not a boring shirt we have to change? what does “the fox” say?

We are used to new kits coming season by season with some grand changes at times, but also with just a few minor moves to just modify a little bit, and that is what we have seen for the next season.

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Leicester City came out against Manchester United in an all blue kit, and over the past years it’s been either blue shirts and white shorts and blue stockings or all blue. The away kit and 3rd kit has seen more changes from year to year with a black and pink outfit this season.

After looking at the new kit more and more, it looks well balanced and one of the better in our view, the fact that it is all blue again, might not be that ok, but as long as you can change to white shorts it looks fine.


We will probably see Leicester City play in both, with white and blue shorts during the next season and that must be ok. So far it’s no news on the away and 3rd kit, but hopefully they will change both.

From a fans perspective you have mixed opinions looking at what’s on Leicester City message board Foxes Talk. You will find a number of great comments, from big yes’s to low no’s. As always Leicester City fans are in with a big split of minds.

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No news on the away and 3rd kit, but hope they change them. The black one as it is now is boring, but with a blue ribbon it could be great, and seeing Leicester City wearing the traditional first Leicester Fosse kit again, would be nice. We had this colour on 3rd kit in 2003/04 and 2009/10. Would like to see it back as it is a kit that stands out and is very special and rare.

Leicester City is also known for wearing an all white kit and should always be the away alternative, not to mess with that. We have seen Leicester City in most colours from shocking green, all red, pink, grey and yellow and also grey, so a variaty of choices have been seen.


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