Leicester did join Super-League, it all happened, facts and figures!

Back in 2016 as Champions of the Premier League, Leicester City did play in International Champions Cup, a tournament that went ahead and no one complained. Of course just a summer event, but still games played between Champions all around the World, but not all were as you could see, Champions, but still invited.

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TCF did attend the game in Stockholm, Sweden, remember Ahmed Musa scoring twice against Barcelona and watching Leo Messi appearing with coolness and sharpness, just a great and unbelievable experience.

The competition was one arranged at several arenas around the globe. Leicester played the following games, Barcelona (Stockholm), Celtic (Celtic Park), PSG (Carson California), two defeats and a draw was the outcome.

Leicester did win the game v. Celtic on penalties and got one extra point from the event. The strange affair here was also that clubs were invited to appear and Leicester might not have seen themselves in this party if they hadn’t upset the current establishment.

Celtic and Leicester and Australian winners Melbourne did not get any invitation to this new Super-League, but as we all could see “The Establishment” was invited, and this tournament from 2016 shows how the structure probably had this based on this tournament.

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No one had any complaints as this was only a “friendly” but again the “The Champions Cup” had the concept in place, but if Leicester had been ruled out of this one, you couldn’t have called it with the same name.

This was a “taste” of what we have seen in the last week, trying to upset UEFA / FIFA with a concept in competition with their current established tournament. As we all had the pleasure of watching Leicester City in these friendly that no one really bothered much about, just a chance to get a few games under the belt, to be able to compete next season.

Since 2016 we haven’t seen this again, with other arrangements taking place, without unsettling UEFA / FIFA at all, so this cup’s with invitations are not really anything else than “friendlies” as we just look at it as preparings for the major games to come.

And in football you can say what you like, but without referees you will not be able to arrange football games, and without players you are lost, so those men in suits believing they are in charge, does not have a clue, they will still just be back in what all this would be, a few friendlies between friends, and who would like that in football, no one, sorry, have a nice day.

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