In Both Camps, Plymouth Argyle

Picture: Lilian Nalis

Plymouth Argyle is a club with long and fantastic traditions, residing at the moment in the third tier of English football, League One. From the past we have seen a few foxes going down south almost as far as you can get in Britain. Seen today as the largest city in England not to host a Premier League club, as The Pilgrims never have been at the highest level, but has attracted talent of such.

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Peter Shilton is by the name, probably the greatest of them all to move to Plymouth Argyle, taking a role as player manager at the club in 1992, and staying on at Home Park until 1995. Shilts’ played 34 league games and pushed the club to the third tier play-off. A decline in form for the team did see Shilton leave and again going back to concentrate on playing, he was 45 years of age.

Another former fox to mention is Gordon Fincham who had a life with The Pilgrims, playing for Plymouth Argyle from 1958 to 1963, moving on to Luton Town and from there to a life with football in South Africa.

Former Leicester City manager Jimmy Bloomfield is also one who had a spell down south with Plymouth Argyle. He played at Home Park from 1966 to 1968. Ian Halloway is one that has been manager at both clubs.

Guy Branston, has been playing for Plymouth Argyle in two spells, adding up 38 league appearances, firstly on loan from Leicester City back in 98/99 and then finishing his playing career fifteen years later, packing it all in with this last stay at Home Park from 2013 to 2014.

Rufus Brevett had his best years in football with QPR, but also had spells at Plymouth Argyle and Leicester City. Tony Spearing is another full back alternative with the same experience.

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Lilian Nalis is another that made great impression in both camps, playing for 59 league games for Leicester City, moving to Sheffield United and from there down to Home Park, doing a grand job in midfield during a good spell in the second tier, adding up 102 league appearances for Plymouth Argyle.

Former coach at Leicester City Mike Everitt, who worked at Filbert Street during the days of Jimmy Bloomfield, was also player-manager at Plymouth Argyle, though never playing league football with Leicester City, he must be said to have had jobs in both camps.

Tom English joined Plymouth Argyle late in his career, being signed by Leicester from Coventry in the early 80’s and playing just four league games for The Pilgrims in a short stay from 1984 to 1985. Paul Gallagher also spent a period on loan with Plymouth Argyle before joining Leicester City from Blackburn Rovers.

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Goalkeeper Martin Hodge played for Plymouth Argyle from 1977 to 1979, before moving to Everton and Sheffield Wednesday and from 1988 to 1991 appearing for Leicester City.

Gary Megson who had short spell as manager at Leicester City, did start his career as a player with Plymouth Argyle, adding up 78 league games before making his move to Everton in the year of 1979.

  • Goalkeepers
    • Peter Shilton
    • Martin Hodge
  •  Defenders
    • Rufus Brevett
    • Gordon Fincham
    • Tony Spearing
  • Midfield
    • Lilian Nalis
  • Forwards
    • Paul Gallagher
    • Tom English

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