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Stoke City a neighbour in The Midlands and a club with long tradition and of course a number of players in both camps, and going back a long time you will find Frank Soo as one, but the first to in what we can describe as modern time must be Gordon Banks.

Banks still just a fresh winner of the 1966 World Cup, was in front of Peter Shilton in the pecking order at Filbert Street, but a young Shilton was one of the finest young talents in England, it was obvious that something had to be done with Matt Gillies deciding on a bold move to sell Gordon to Stoke City, and for then a record transfer for a goalkeeper, £50 000. Banks kept form both for England and Stoke City. His football career stopped in England in 1972 with a car crash incident giving loss of eyesight on one eye. He kept on going at Victoria Ground and took on a job as keeper coach, but as we all know made a remarkable come back in the NASL and played for Fort Lauderdale Strikers from 1977 to 1978, being voted the best goalkeeper of the league.

Peter Shilton and John Farmer where the two next players to swop between the clubs, with Peter joining in 1974 for a fee of £325 000, leaving a gap at Leicester City firstly locked by John Farmer who went the other way on loan.

Geoff Salmons joined Leicester City from Stoke City in the autumn of 1977, being among the fresh signings done by Frank McLintock when he took charge. As we all know Salmons played a number of games that season, but he moved on to Chesterfield just after that season and his spell with Leicester was a very short one.

Geoff Scott was the next player on the list to swop leaving Stoke City to take over from Dennis Rofe in the left back position at Leicester City. Scott made a number of key appearances in the 79/80 season helping the football club to become champions of the second tier. After the return to the top flight Geoff Scott vanished a bit and joined Birmingham City in 1982.

Gerry Daly who spent a few months on loan at Leicester City in the 1982/83 season later moved to Stoke City and helped out in the 2nd tier. Daly was probably mostly known for his years in Manchester United, Derby County and Coventry City.

Carl Muggleton had two spells with Stoke City going on loan from Leicester City and one that spent time in both camps adding up 155 league appearances during a seven year stay from 1994 to 2001. His tally of league games at Leicester City was 46, being at Leicester City from 1986 to 1994.

Gerry Taggart, Arnar Gunnlaugsson and Ade Akinbiyi all had spells at both clubs, during late 90’s and early parts of this secel. Not to forget Robbie James from a previous decade representing Leicester City and Stoke City in the 80’s.

David Oldfield also had spells in both camps with the attacking midfielder moving to Stoke City after hie successful time at Leicester City in the 90’s and finding form for The Potters as well.

Robert Huth was a massive signing when coming from Stoke City in January 2015, playing a key role in winning Premier League with Leicester City just a year later. Could also mention Sam Clucas who left Leicester City as a young player and today is in the Stoke City squad, but never played for Leicester City at first team level.

Kevin Pressmann had short spells in both camps and as we all know mostly remembered for his years with Sheffield Wednesday, playing just a handful of games for both these two clubs.

Tony Spearing had a short loan spell with Stoke City during his years at Norwich City, he as we all know played for Leicester City a bit later, representing the club from 1988 to 1991.

Former Leicester City captain Danny Tiatto is also one from a life in both these two clubs, representing Stoke City a few years earler joining them from his native Australia, and as we all know later signing for Man City.

Midfielder Nick Powell is today at Stoke City and represented Leicester City in their first year return to Premier League in 2014/15, playing three games while at King Power Stadium.

Former caretaker manager at Leicester City, Nigel Worthington had a spell as a player at Stoke City, so did Micky Adams and not forget Kevin Russell who had two spells with Stoke City and was a bit of a fan favorite at Leicester City.

  • Goalkeepers
    • Gordon Banks
    • Peter Shilton
    • John Farmer
    • Carl Muggleton
    • Kevin Pressman
  • Defenders
    • Gerry Taggart
    • Tony Spearing
    • Danny Tiatto
    • Geoff Scott
    • Robert Huth
    • Nick Powell
  • Midfield
    • Gerry Daly
    • Geoff Salmons
    • David Oldfield
  • Forwards
    • Ade Akinbiyi
    • Arnar Gunnlaugsson

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