Kasper, David & Goliat, has it ever been home?

Kasper Schmeichel is a phenomena, a one of a kind, climbing in the shadows of his father, and playing for a club that in his fathers eyes never will be bigger and better than Manchester United, but in all he is a brilliant goalkeeper, one that leads by example and part of a legacy at Leicester City that his father never will be in the reach of.

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This is not a story about a father and son relationship, but rather to put everything into the correct perspective and giving Kasper Schmeichel the respect he deserves. His track record at this football club is above Gordon Banks and Peter Shilton.

Not probably seen as phenomenal as the two greatest goalkeepers of the past, but still the only one of the trio that have a Leicester City League Winners medal and a FA Cup Winners medal in his cupboard. He has and still is part of the most beautiful period in the history of Leicester City.

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Peter Shilton and Gordon Banks, who are the two to compare with both made their debut for England while at Leicester City, but also picked up a great number of caps also after leaving the club, with Kasper it’s different, he made his debut for Denmark while at Leicester City, and as we reach the Semi-Finals of the Euro’s this summer he has reached 70 caps, which is a remarkable tally in itself and soon will be above Gordon Banks in total full caps, finishing on 73 in full, 36 of those while at Leicester City.

Peter Shilton reached a total of 125, playing at international level for twenty years, with his debut coming in 1970 v. East Germany and playing his last in 1990 v. Italy. 20 of his caps was achieved while at Leicester City. So in all and of course with total respect for the famous pair of goalkeepers, Kasper has still a number of years left and at his very best at this moment, 34 years of age, and far from his retirement.

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Often when you are in the middle of your career and are just looking forward and not backwards or taking in all memories and great history you have been part of, we are also a bit unfair with the current group of players as they are judged on their last and next performance, we are not looking at the big picture, and with Kasper we are probably looking at a guy with that fantastic career in his 11th season at the club and on 70 caps and so far played 377 league games for Leicester City since his arrival in 2011. He is close reach of Mark Wallington’s record of 412 games and with his tally of international caps, few will argue if he stands as the most valuable goalkeeper ever in the history of this football club.

Again Kasper experience the David & Goliat picture as he is so used to at Leicester City, doing things no one would think was possible regarding PL positions and bringing in the FA Cup, defeating the bigger and better on a number of occasions and just pushing on, captaining the team in the absence of Wes Morgan and from this season taking over the armbind permanently. Denmark going into the game against England with nothing to lose, just as Leicester City being fearless and just competing and fighting for your nation.

As fellow Scandinavians and of course Leicester City fans to the bottom of our hearts we would love to see Kasper Schmeichel yet again make some heroic saves and take Denmark into the final as they did in 1992 when Kasper’s father Peter had a massive semi’s v. Netherlands and later showed Europe what he was all about, and later signed for Manchester United, will history repeat itself, or will England bet the stronger side, difficult to say, but again we are looking for one of the most exciting semi’s ever, with a Leicester City player being in the middle of the action, and with no Leicester City players in the England squad, not a difficult one for TCF.

We also know that Kasper is one for fairy stories, loves them, and he can also create that special effect with electric and powerful saves, wish our fellow Scandinavian all the luck he can get and this team does have a special reason to perform and we all know what happened to Christian Eriksen in the first game of the tournament, and luckily everything had a good outfall, but never estimate that special energy created and hearts are in there, Denmark stronger than ever, and if Kasper will stop it all from coming home, we have to wait and see.

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