Sensational u-turn in the James Maddison to Arsenal transfer saga, will Leicester pull off yet another big treath?

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Arsenal are talking in big letters at the moment, and Mikel Arteta will be backed with heavy fees to try to get this ship on the right course. James Maddison was a name strongly linked with the club and masses of websites concluded that this was a deal done.

But as we learn to read all these rumours there are still a lot left before such a move would be possible and with talks about Martin Ødegaard coming back to Arsenal doubts are that they will try to sign James Maddison.

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We have been able to predict all moves so far, and was previously questioned about the James Maddison transfer, as we believe that Leicester must make their summer big sale to keep up with FFP rules over the next seasons to come.

But nothing would be better than to see James Maddison stay and of course also Youri Tielemans being part of the future, and hopefully rumours about the two will go away and the two are staying at least for one more season.

As TCF have stated so many times before, the best for Leicester is to keep their best players and not sell of their biggest assets. Brendan Rodgers will get a difficult time to repair those wholes in the squad season in and season out.

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TCF believe that one big move out will be happening this summer, if that is not the case, we will be surprised and of course happy, but we need to see it, before we believe it.

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Martin Ødegaard to Arsenal must be good news for Leicester fans as that would see interest for James Maddison falling and hopefully the midfielder can be staying. Maddison joined Leicester in 2018 from Norwich for a fee in the region of £20million. He has played 98 league games and scored 21 goals in this time.

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