Aftermath from 0-3 vs. Chelsea where do Leicester go from here?

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Brendan Rodgers used a lot of energy talking about fans and how good his players are and how much they need the support from the terraces and not the booing.

Of course he will be disappointed with that happening but we all know what type of power fans have, they own the club and they want to be entertained at home, even against the goliats and talk of overachieving will just get you into a toxic place.

A great number of fans are paying good money to go into the King Power Stadium to watch their team perform, we who support from Norway pay £90 a month to watch the games on the pay channel. People are flying in from New York on regular basis to see the team play live home and away. To listen to sulking is sickening, especially knowing you did defeat this team in the FA Cup final a few months back.

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Trying to talk yourself away from a poor performance and players being played out of position almost everyone of them in a system that has hardly been used before makes you wonder. To watch the money Brendan Rodgers gets to be the manager of this football club makes it almost impossible for him to do nothing else than what Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did today. OGS is close to getting sacked and stands with his head high and just apologize to fans for a very bad performance, simple and in a way everyone understands.

OGS at least shows respect to the fans and knows that what has happened at Watford is far below expectations and Brendan Rodgers should have done the same instead of going down a path he knows he will lose everyday of the week. The fans are the club, not him. He is there to defend the badge with his heart, his soul and his mind. If fans should expect less as we have seen in the past, what type of goal does he work for this season?

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Players and managers, coaching staffs and owners often forget who they are, were they are and why they are around. They are all there to defend the badge, if they are there for other purposes and have other ideas then watch out. The fanbase of this football club is a veriaty of people and not one group of similar and we all have different reasons why we are supporters of this very special football club.

Every fan is needed to bring this football club forward, and we all know that Gary Lineker, Stefan Oakes, Matty Piper, Julian Joachim and Emile Heskey are part of this grand fanbase as they no longer are playing and can provide the goals we need to stay alive in the Premier League. The fanbase is full of people from Cape Town to New York, the far north of Norway above the polar circle and you also have people in Mongolia supporting this football club.

We do know that Tony from a suburb in Leicester is a fan so is a man living outside Bristol and one in Sandwich driving the country around to watch the team home and away. You have a devoted Leicester fan in Hallsberg, Sweden, and a guy from Roskilde, Denmark. TCF was in Stoke-on-Trent when the club did see tier three in our eyes and did attend a game in Doncaster ending in a draw a number of years back.

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Brendan Rodgers please take your bow be humble and understand where you are, at the best football club in the World, if you don’t believe that, then goodbye. Do your job and go forward looking back didn’t help Claudio Ranieri and will not help you. Your talk today after the Chelsea game was toxic, blaming fans for booing. This was a bad performance from the team, nothing else, move on and take it, come back and get the backing you deserve.

Every fan would like to see their team competitive at least against a team that was held to a 1-1 draw at home to Burnley. A team we did defeat 2-0 at home last season and as said above in the FA Cup final a few months back. This shows that Leicester could be in the same place, if you feel that fans are against you, please turn it around, don’t sulk. Footwear Sale, New Styles Added, and Free Shipping With Code: SHIPFW

Leicester City fans are proud people we don’t like being kicked around and what Chelsea did to our badge today was not good for moral and we didn’t like it, then to express that feeling should be possible.

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To try to educate or generalise fans is a lost case as we come in different settings, we are united in only one way, we all support Leicester as a football club and the idea to take us all on in one battle will not be possible, not me, not Gary Lineker, Julian Joachim, Tony from the suburb or Emile Heskey.

TCF do feel a lot but have never booed. Today was a dark day and all black looking at it from a fans perspective, but we do support and we will not stop believing Leicester City can win against any team coming to King Power Stadium.

We have seen the impossible happening, and not believing it can happen again would be difficult, and certainly being told by the manager of the football club that we can just pack it in and live with failure will not be accepted.


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