Zidane is learning English, Fabrizio Romano not talking about Rodgers for Man Utd as former Leicester manager gets his attention

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Brendan Rodgers is said to have sold his house in Leicester and out hunting for a new cottage in Chesire. Who knows what he will do with a house in that area and still be in charge of Leicester, but as pressure are on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Brendan Rodgers would be an unpopular choice at Old Trafford, fans looks at him as downsizing.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer looks at Manchester United as the greatest in the World and he says he will work with the club in the best way possible to be able to keep his head high and at this moment the club is not trashed or in anyway in a bad place still competing and in reach of a place in the CL next season.

Results as we did see against Chelsea yesterday is very upsetting, but easy to forget that one of the best players on the field was their goalkeeper Edouard Mendy making fantastic saves from Leicester attempts. He was phenomanal and the Senegal international is a rising star, once signed by Frank Lampard.

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Brendan Rodgers did appear in the list of candidates to take over at Manchester United and with rumours flying, house hunting and much more and Brendan Rodgers making comments that would not rule him out of that special contest to take over at Manchester United, makes the futura uncertain. The Leicester manager is no favorite among fans and the latest from Fabrizio Romano believe Michael Carrick and Darren Fletcher will be in interim charge until a new permanent replacement is found at Old Trafford.

We would be surprised to see Brendan Rodgers appointed as the next man in charge at Manchester United and especially after such a poor performance vs. Chelsea. Rodgers is still a fan favorite at Leicester and a couple of good games will probably stop the talk from fans about the slender form at the moment.

Fabrizio Romano has not words for Brendan Rodgers as his talk and comments are lovely to watch naming Claudio Ranieri as Sir. Claudio perfectly led his team to a sensational 4-1 win as he nailed the last spike in the coffin of OGS at Man Utd.

Brendan Rodgers might be in the running for the Old Trafford hot seat but it looks a lost case for the current Leicester manager who might have to look in his own mirror with a certain Claudio Ranieri returning to King Power Stadium for the first time when Watford comes to visit and he will be welcomed as he returns. Ranieri has his own King of Power in his line-up as the former Man Utd forward could create problems for Brendan Rodgers as he did for OGS yesterday.

Manchester United appointed Michael Carrick in caretaker charge as they line-up their next manager with a certain Zinedine Zidane seen as the ultimate favorite. Spain manager Louis Enrique and Belgium boss Roberto Martinez are two others said to be high on the list of candidates.

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Leicester fans are happy with Brendan Rodgers but the picture is written as Claudio Ranieri returns, will he be able to outfox us all and again show magic at King Power Stadium, hopefully not. In his only game in charge of a team against Leicester since leaving he managed a 1-1 draw for Fulham at Craven Cottage in December 2018.

We do not worry much about Manchester United and as fans have said earlier on, Brendan Rodgers might be house hunting in Chesire but surely that will be as close as he gets to the manager post at Manchester United looking to have a struggle on his hands at Leicester.

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We all know that a manager with a clause in his contract and with a good reputation will be exposed and given attention whenever a job is vacant among those who believe they are better and bigger than everyone else.

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Now the focus is set on the next two games as Leicester compete for their future life in Europa League and taking on Claudio Ranieri and his King of Power in the next PL match.


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