Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham no candidates for Leicester, Man City, Chelsea and Man Utd much more likely

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Rumours in this and the previous transfer window linking Youri Tielemans and James Maddison with moves to Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool are fake news. The reason is clear Leicester will not sell their best players to clubs looked as major and equal rivals.

Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool are far from bringing in Leicester players as history tells a story of the total opposite looking 22 years back to find the last deal transferring a player from Leicester to any of these three clubs. Emile Heskey made the last of such a switch to Anfield in 2000. Going back to 1987 to find a Leicester player (Alan Smith) on the move to Arsenal. Tottenham did their last buy from Leicester in 1914.

Looking at recent major moves out of Leicester you will find players joining Man City, Chelsea or Man Utd. All of them major in size and battles for players at a shelf were Tottenham, Arsenal and Liverpool are not competing.

This is certainly something to recognize as contracts negotiated at Leicester will be at a level which is problematic to reach even for Tottenham, Liverpool and Arsenal. We all know that the owners and executives at these three football clubs often lift their financial flags as they are on strict budgets compared to Man Utd, Man City and Chelsea.

Some may suggest swops and players being included in a move but there are no recent history or big indications that Leicester will see an Arsenal, Tottenham or Liverpool fringe player as a potential first team transfer target and again to see those three clubs and some of their best players joining Leicester looks totally unlikely.

Looking back in the years since Leicester moved up a shelf and made their mark in English football you will see a pattern of transfer deals that does not involve any of the mentioned clubs. Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd are on a higher shelf regarding major transfers and they will gamble a bit more on new players paying a higher transfer fee for more risky projects. Danny Drinkwater is a recent example, using £35million on a player you have no special first team priority on. This would not happen at Arsenal, Tottenham or Liverpool as they would never use those amounts on players not really seen as clear first team candidates.

Looking further back you will see a pattern of scouting and first team players signed or sold not involving Liverpool, Arsenal or Tottenham. That looks as a strategic approach not selling your best players to the teams you see as major contenders and competitors in domestic league football.

Leicester do historically struggle to keep up with pressure in top flight football and by selling their best players giving their managers the difficult task to bring forward talent on a regular string. This might see Leicester as minor to the three clubs mentioned above, but in real Leicester have been in close competition with Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool in recent years looking at results, table positions and cup success.


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