The difficult situation regarding Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall and moving other midfielders out of their best positions

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This season has in a way been a breakthrough for Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall, but the hars facts are that the team are not performing as they did before. Looking at football in a selective perspective and on performances from a single player might give you the wrong idea about how this contribute to great results.

Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall is of course a talent but still not giving the team the depth it needs to bring results to the table and his introduction has not in any way made the team better.

You cannot blame Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall for the bad results alone, but he is a player set to do a certain job and very similar to Youri Tielemans but in no way the same player with the Belgian international being a totally different asset to the team.

Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall could be Brendan Rodgers nemesis. So far not really being the player that can win football games for Leicester. No goals and so far just one assist in 13 appearances in Premier League action. Leicester have only won twice in his eight starts.

TCF also doubts Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall has the quality and ability to replace Youri Tielemans the day he departs. Leicester need another player to replace the Belgian international.

The way Brendan Rodgers gives space to Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall makes it difficult for Youri Tielemans and James Maddison to operate as they do when they play together in their best positions.

If anyone rates Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall in front of the trio we all believe are the best players to play in those three midfield postions, Nididi, Tielemans and Maddison, give us a call.

Brendan Rodgers is giving Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall too much trust in a team that lacks the mobility and great movement between our three best in midfield, Tielemans, Ndidi and Maddison. With Dewsbury-Hall inside there, either pushing Ndidi back in defense or Maddison up on the flank you will just make the team weaker and losing that special edge between those three players in that engine room.

Looking at results with Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall playing from start and how he makes his presence we do miss the points and there are no real impact in winning games. He has not either been a block or been able to assist in front of goal.

TCF doubts Brendan Rodgers judgement on Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall giving him special benefits and treatment by moving those top men out of their best positions and today softly taking off Youri Tielemans and James Maddison and keeping Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall on the field.

Looking at results, contribution to goals and really keeping the midfield together and also keeping position with penetration passes and good assists, you are not seeing KD-H doing that and that worries.

Players such as Mendy, Praet and even Choudhury have a better Premier League track record and of course much more experience. We do believe that when you build a football team you need to address certain criterias and to see this trust given a player with so little experience and overlooking the fact that he against West Ham only made his eight Premier League start.


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