The final fixture as massive contributer to Leicester says farewell and makes sad exit from the game

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The Fox Fanzine did again fill our mail box with a wonderfull copy of their last and 225th issue. Sad to see the popular mag go to the roads of eternity.

Gary Silke and Simon Kimber has been editor and assistant editor and made their pride in bringing the fans view to supporters of this fantastic football club.

As a fan for many years you have lived with the fanzine. To also see the club being positive to such an approach and selling copies from the club shop made it possible to buy as you came over.

This also got noticed by media as Got. Not Got tweeted, after 35 years The Fox Fanzine is calling it a day.

You could also follow the fanzine from this website and getting all those good and thorough match reviews as they were posted as an alternative and from a supporters point of view, if that will continue we hope so.

The fanzine will be missed as it was that special and unique alternative of information not getting elsewhere and despite giving us a new carrot and an annual review once a year, we will never get the original fanzine back.

This is the final fixture for sure, as the last copy hit the mail box and shelfes on the 31st of May. A grand mag with loads of great stuff to read.

To describe this fanzine as a massive contributer is of course correct as we sadly have seen this player leaving the game.

Hopefully we can still visit the website and facebook page and certainly wish it will continue.


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