What next at Leicester, manager stay or go, Tielemans move off and still a massive squad of players with Faes added

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Leicester had a new disappointing match experience vs. Man Utd at home tonight. The club is stuck to the bottom of the Premier League table as a very difficult away game at Brighton comes next.

Today we did see Wout Faes sign, he was present at the game. Faes is a very exciting addition and hopefully Brendan Rodgers has signed him for the purpose of playing him in the team.

The situation regarding Youri Tielemans and Bouba Soumare also looks fixed as the duo will be with the club at least until January. No moves either for Caglar Soyuncu and Jannik Vestergaard makes it a juggle again for Brendan Rodgers who to include in his 25 PL squad.

The big elephant in the room is the situation regarding Brendan Rodgers who looks a bit tired and probably not as lively as we would like him to be. He is a frustrated person at this point not being able to sign as many new faces as he would have liked, and not being able to move players on.

Should he stay or go? From TCF’s point of view, at this point and until January at least, nothing should be done regarding Brendan Rodgers. He should not be given too much stick at this point and sacking him would be tragic as alternatives would not be able to solve the problems the club are in at the moment. Brendan Rodgers will fix those errors on the field with the players he has at his disposal and hopefully turn the tide. The squad is full of quality and good enough to do that.

The talk of Khun Top also tells a story of a club that financially have difficulties to adapt to a strategy that makes the squad logistic more fluid and having all the tools to manage that in place. Last summer a big push for top four failed as too many players were out injured and the new faces added never really made any big impact. This was of course moves of big risk that has seen the club out of balance.

Doing errors in the transfer market and also having players on contracts of big wages, makes it difficult to get them out. The problem for Leicester at this point is to know who are the once not being included in PL affairs going forward and how to build a proper system to avoid massive errors in the transfer market.


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