Leicester could still be the lucky one in a race few regarded possible to win, Arsenal, Man Utd and Dortmund still considered

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Nothing is certain regarding Youri Tielemans and his supposed move away from Leicester on a free in the summer. Dortmund is the latest club to make notice of a possible transfer with Arsenal and Man Utd both in the chase.

The key for Youri Tielemans is of course to have a possible chance to play in Champions League action, but also granted a chance to play most games during a season as he has done with Leicester.

Youri Tielemans could be reluctant to a move to Arsenal or Man Utd as the two teams probably can’t give Tielemans any certainties of a cemented place in the team, somehting that would be easer at Leicester or Dortmund.

For now, the money appears to have been well invested by Leicester.

20-year-old Victor Kristiansen has played regularly since his arrival, and he played, among other things, 90 minutes when Leicester impressed by beating Tottenham 4-1.

Tielemans knows that the contract offer from Leicester is one to consider as it makes a big earner even at Premier League standards, and probably will struggle to get the same wages at other clubs with bonuses.

Borussia Dortmund might be able to give him Champions League football, but his domestic life and day to day action will not be played at the same level as he is competing on now, so you never know, we could see a turn around if fortunes change.

Leicester would be more than happy to keep Tielemans at the club and hope are still that the agent will consider this contract offer again as no transfer fee will be involved then a lucrative deal could see more cash dropping into the pockets of agents.


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