Jesse Marsch looks to have turned down the chance to become Leicester manager as German alternatives could be next

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With recent reports from both The Athletic reporter Rob Tanner and Fabrizio Romano, and odds dropping to an all time low on Jesse Marsch, we had high hopes to see the American coming in, but at this moment, he looks to have turned down the opportunity.

With Jesse Marsch out of the race, new names will most certainly appear as a short term or long term solution must be worked out fast, with the situation at present looking very difficult.

The odds on Jesse Marsch taking over at Leicster was down to 1 to 5, though reports from Sky Sports did put the appointment in doubt, with the club said to be open to a temporary plan, but later today talks are that Marsh has turned down the opportunity being uncertain about the strategy going forward.

Looking at the list again, you are back to a guessing game, with no or little idea of what will be the next move. Dean Smith and Adi Hutter, both available, can be seen as two alternatives that could be approached. Former Norwich boss Daniel Farke also is a name worth to consider and on the list of candidates seen as an alternative.

Benitez is said to have a massive wage demand and also eager to get a longer deal in place and not just work for eight games. Regarding the other candidates, Graham Potter is believed to be on vecation and not really interested in anything before after the summer and the latest news are that he is eager to stay south and hopefully if possible take a job in the south.

Dean Smith does have a good connection with Craig Shakespeare, with all his Leicester relations. The duo worked together at both Aston Villa and Norwich, and are both available, but in all respect we believe they are also looking for a permanent appointment and would be in problems if they were to take Leicester down.

Sam Allardyce is also mentioned, but has not been involved for a while, but could be the alternative together with Martin O’Neill that could be alternatives to make it possible to survive, with 8 games to go.

TCF believe whatever happens, to let Sadler and Stowell stay on in charge, will probably not be a good idea and then the question is, why on earth did the club sack Brendan Rodgers so close to the season end with no plan ready for what should come next.

Two massive home games without Brendan Rodgers has ended in defeats and no points so far with Stowell and Sadler in charge. The game vs. Bournemouth was also a failed test on the caretakers ability to put a great game plan in play and instead being learned a heavy lesson from Cherries boss Gary O’Neill who had his team perfectly prepared for the game.

We are sad to see the change in talk from Sky Sports this morning as it made it even more uncertain what will come as something surely must happen before the next game vs. Man City.


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