Leicester with lovely gesture towards a special group of fans as one game on the 17th of May comes to mind

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Leicester do have followers from all over the globe, and we are about 200 fans living in Norway. Today we celebrated the 17th of May, which is our most precious and special day of the year. To see the club remembering and thinking of us gave a great feeling.

This fanbase do have an aging group of supporters, most of us being in the 50’s and 60’s, and of course trying to bring on the knowledge and understanding about Leicester in our country. English football is massive in Norway and we also have a supporterunion for all supporter clubs of British teams, to keep the ball rolling and staying together as this is a major part of Norwegian sports culture.

We love our flag, and being under Swedish and earlier Danish governing until 1905, it makes us all proud to go out in the streets and show our support and love for our King and country, not taking anything for granted.

The day is also very much a day for children, doing their parade, named “Barnetoget”, in every city all over the country, waving the flag and marching on behind all the different school bands.

Despite a difficult season, Norwegian Leicester fans will be at the games vs. Newcastle away and West Ham at home, giving their support. We fly over for several games each season to do what we love the most, watching Leicester play. We feel the togetherness and have over the years build a great bond with native Leicester fans, the city and the club.

Thoughts also goes back to the game Leicester played in Norway on this special day, the 17th of May, 1976, vs. Odd Skien. A number of Norwegian fans were at a packed Falkum on the day. Jimmy Bloomfield was the manager, Bob Lee scored a hat trick and Keith Weller had his goal, as Leicester came out 4-1 winners. A grand happening as we got to see our favorites from telly as well as the Shoot and Goal magazines.

Norwegian tv broadcasters have shown live footballl from England, on a Saturday, since 1969. Leicester often appeared in the early years as they had their heating tent and being based in Midlands. Midland clubs were often on and do have a good following over here, with a number of teams being part of the top flight at the time. Shoot and Goal were fantastic magazines available from our news agents all around Norway, having this as a weekly highlight to look forward to.

Getting this surprise message early today on the facebook feed from the club, made us yet again proud to be Leicester fans.

Thank you again to the club and the people who decided to publish this post on facebook. It means a lot and of course hopefully will be one of many special moves that can see the club avoid relegation, fighting on until the end.

No matter what result we get, feel our support, as it will never die and stay eternal


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