Major changes to transfer reporting as Tielemans to Arsenal and Maddison Spurs link ends reign of unreliable gossip

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We have reported on different transfer speculations over the years, and of course monitored all aspects of a possible transfer to happen. Often pinpointed a move, based on reliable sources, but also missed the target too often.

We do believe that we are able to bring you the most accurate signals and will do our best in the future not to tell fairytales about players not really being either close targets or a final signing.

The stories of Youri Tielemans and James Maddison are best examples of how wrong you can get it, as last summer became a farce. The fact that Arsenal never made an official bid for Youri Tielemans and no clear talk had been set for James Maddison to join Spurs, made most reports on the matter unreliable, even from those seen as our best predictors in the news game.

We have in that perspective decided to bring our sources of transfer information down to a minimum and also using a new formula on our transfer talk approach.

On possible transfers in, we will still be posting our hot, cool and cold list, trying the best we can to get every player mentioned into the correct category. Over the previous transfer windows you have between 50 to 100 names linked with a move to Leicester, and when a signing do happen, almost everyone of them have been mentioned and are on this list.

So far it’s early days regarding transfers, and we have almost no idea at present what will happen, with a solid relegation treath in the air. Nothing will be concrete or anything to listen to, before a relegation or not appear.

We believe it will be a busy summer of players moving in and out. There are no deals yet to be confirmed, with Caglar Souyncu waiting for his move to Atletico Madrid to go through, but is not confirmed and concrete, so nothing so far looks settled regarding transfers.


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