Who to believe in the race for a reliable transfer rumour as Leicester soon approach silly season

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Football never stops, as we soon approach what we all know as silly season. The phenomena goes back to 1886, and is used in a number of different terms and settings, not really accointed to football in the first place, but has in later years been adopted as a signal of gossip and rumours regarding coming and goings of players and managers.

We will also this summer follow all activity, but as said earlier, try to be even more accurate in our articles posted. With last summer in mind, talk about Youri Tielemans and James Maddison resulted in no transfers and had in real no substance, despite a lot of talk coming from sources from all tiers.

To select sources and what to look for, website Soccerwhizz is one to watch, as they have drawn up a list, seperated in tiers, to try to come to terms with everything that is published regarding a transfer. This list could be used as a possible guidance. The update do also have a special page on Leicester, naming sources from all tiers.

The source reliabilty list is sectioned in six, with tiers from 0 to 5. Tier 0, Official, undisputed sources, Tier 1, Highest quality, Tier 2, Proven to have current sources, Tier 3, Unreliable and not to be solely trusted upon, Tier 4, Not to be trusted at all, 5, Aggregators and banned sources.

The list build up on Leicester, of course have LCFC.com in tier 0. One source is from tier 1, John Percy from The Telegraph. There are sources from tier 2, coming up next, as Rob Tanner from The Athletic, Rob Dorsett from Sky Sports and The Guardian gets in. To see Leicester Mercury being listed in tier 3, as unreliable and not solely trusted opon, is relevant as they seldom print anything exclusive, but just refer to other sources, who can be whatever.

There are also named a few, reporting on Leicester from tier 4, as we all know them from before and how we can look at the different stories they publish and how much to put into it.

As a digger in the transfer gossip area for a long period of time, can agree on most, and a nice list of advice when it comes to talk about players and managers comings and goings.

You should also look up The False 9, having a thorough list on this topic categorizing the different journalists and newssites.

So how will TCF follow up on transfers in the future and why do we feel this is important?

Transfer talk is probably the most popular topic among fans and a major part of the game, having massive impact on the different clubs ability to find solutions to their challenges, getting the most competitive team possible.

We have made our hot, cool and cold list for more than a decade and our knowledge and experience is that you will find a link to most players being signed by the club on this list. Information from the sources used, do have a reliable link on interest, but not always resulting in a full transfer, so that is why we split our links in those three categories.

Hot being close to a deal, cool seen as less possible, and cold being one we feel is soft and not mentioned much around, but in the past we have seen rumours in the cold category ending up as a full transfer, with interest going in circles as other hotter objects has decided to go elsewhere or drop a move to Leicester.

We have also included a you tube vidoe on every player linked, being part of this special and popular update, being a favourite page among our visitors.

Looking at links coming from abroad, most local based journalists have a direct link to a club or agent that has information to share. Sometimes they even have a direct contact with players who can give them a tease on what come next.

We do also follow a number of accounts on Twitter and over years we do have a good feeling on who we can trust and what type of information that comes out.

We also carry a lot of respect for clubs and football in general and base our reports and be accurate and not publish anything that would be disturbing or out of content, but still also have a critical eye on matters we feel can be addressed, when you have a passionate support for Leicester.

Screening the different accounts on twitter on transfer rumours is a thorough job and we do have a list of people to follow and some are allreday being mentioned above, but there other sources as well, especially abroad that are of great importance for the reports made.

In January we managed to pinpoint the moves of Wout Faes and Harry Souttar at an early stage based on accurate reports from reliable sources and to see it all become reality hours later is a major satisfaction. To report wrongly as we have done in the past on Youri Tielemans and James Maddison became a lesson learned and somehting we will try to avoid in the future as we had our sources wrong and never will use that type of reports in the future.

Our approach and updates this summer will be a bit different than before, also including more focus on the womens game and transfer all in partnership with soccervoice.com.

In the end a message from one of our sources used, Fabrizio Romano, telling you how it all works and why he do have a popular account and never really miss out on the correct words regarding a transfer.


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