Back in Leicester for the final game of the season visiting Keith’s plaque and bumping into Marcin Wasilewski

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The fourth visit this season, flying in from Norway, meeting friends and having a grand stay in the city we love.

This time staying at Novotel, as our regular, The Belmont had no rooms left, but still, no worries.

I have stayed at Novotel a few times before, and knew from those stays that the opponent could turn up as they also did this time, meeting West Ham player Michail Antonio in the elevator, and there I was in my Leicester t-shirt and a bit surprised to see him not being colossal, but just a human being in a track suit, saying good morning and of course doing the same in a polite way.

To plan a trip from Sandefjord, Norway, to Leicester, can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. You have to plan carefully. You can come to London from two different airports in close distance, but living just 15 minutes from one of them, you like to go from there.

So this time flying out from Sandefjord on Friday, not having any planes from that airport to London on a Saturday or Sunday, and not even Monday, ment a longer journey this time, but well worth it and to be at this game was of course very exciting and special.

We were outside the ground early on Sunday to go for a hunt in the club shop, and just as we sat down, former fox Marcin Wasilewski arrived. A pleasure to meet one of our real heroes of this era, being an important player and very influencial in one promotion and the great escape season, as well being a good squad member of that 5000/1 campaign. Lovely to see Wasilewski back for this special game. His crew from Viasat also made an interview wiht us, probably we were live on Polish tv.

We also visited the memorial plaque of Keith Weller, sending on a picture to his brother Phil, being in touch before and during the travel, as we have build a connection over the years.

Walking the streets of Leicester, being in and around the city and again having a lovely stay, made up for the fatal moment seeing our beloved team being relegated despite a good season ending picking up a 2-1 win.

Standing among devoted Leicester fans, singing along, clapping hands and listen to all those vocal voices, was again fantastic. Fans of this club are special and hopefully will continue to support.

This became a new day of Leicester City difficulties, but as we all know, trains will depart and trains will arrive, as Leicester life goes on in a division below. Been there before, seen it all as our support will continue.

We did hear this song, and we do believe, we are, Leicester till I die


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