EFL and EPL heritage rules would and should stop Leicester from playing in Wolves, Palermo and Northampton colours

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To see Leicester change kits every season, introducing different colours should not be allowed and rules should be set to keep the clubs from changing their home, away and third kit colours. There are now set rules and guidelines by FA to protect colours and crests, so hopefully we will come to some sort of system.

The club is blue and most and preferred with white shorts and white and blue stockings. That is the home kit, no more talking, and to just be able to change kit colours for the fun of it should be stopped once and for all.

Building a brand is about identity and the badge is one that in colours and design is the mark to point out, and to see it changed into to transparent colours calls for a change, to one that can be used in all those colours of choice.

The home kit looks to be one not really in question as fans would like them to be as they are, so how this all should be explained, who knows, but to change colours should be set with a 10 year plan or so.

To see modications to the jersey year by year looks ok, but then it should be around the colours decided for the home, away and third kit and not allow a club to change colours around as it all becomes very confusing, not really knowing the colours of the away and third kit, absolutely worth it’s weight in gold as tradition and colours should also occure for those jerseys and set it all in the correct perspective.

Leicester should be in line with heritage and always have a blue shirt and white shorts coloured home kit, an all white away kit, and the third kit could be the one used as an away kit this season. The black and blue jersey is the first ever kit colour used by the club, so no problem having that in the cabinet.

To see Leicester turn up for games, looking like Wolves one season, being pink and in Palermo jerseys the next and then go all claret an become Northampton in the third, only confuses and makes no logic sense at all.

Looking at grand away or third kit jerseys you will always look at Arsenal as yellow and blue, Leeds as all yellow, Liverpool in white and black, with a bit of red in there to keep it all together. Everton are yellow and blue, and Man Utd are white and black. Coventry in sky blue shirts, black shorts and black and sky blue stockings, wearing their green and black kit away, would be fantastic. This would build an even stronger brand as the colours would identify and keep in line with heritage also for the away and third kit.

Goalkeeper kits should also be kept green, black or yellow, strangely no rules are set to keep that in line with heritage and guidelines.


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