More “Klown” than Dynamite for Denmark as Leicester trio could be closer to a starting position for Kasper Hjulmand

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For us living in Scandinavia, Denmark still have class acts, as Klown is one of the most funny comedy shows around, if you like dark humor. Last night San Marino came close to a senstational result, making a surprising equalizer at home vs. Denmark in 2nd half.

Kasper Schmeichel had to see one ball in the net behind him. A shot from Alessandro Golinucci in the 61st minute set the result to 1-1, but with a number of minutes left Denmark managed to avoid a “Klown” as a late goal from Yussuf Poulsen with a well placed header, set it all to a 2-1 win for Denmark.

Denmark played a game far from their top level, but still looks to surf in the Euro’s being 2nd in the table behind Slovenia on goal difference, both team having 19 points to count.

Mads Hermansen was in the squad but so far Kasper Hjlumand is keeping faith in Kasper Schmeichel as the 36 year old looks to be the one trusted, but with the type qualities of Hermansen, Hjulmand could be tempted to soon give the 23 year old Leicester player his debut, not yet being capped by his nation.

Jannik Vestergaard, who had been a member of the national team for many years and was all uptil last season a certain player to pick for almost every game, he could also soon see his return as his qualities are on a level that would see him soon back in this squad, if not, we will be surprised.

Victor Kristiansen has been part of the squad in recent seletions, but had to withdraw due to an injury, so the Leicester defender, on loan at Genoa, will certainly be in this squad if available and injury free.


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