Leicester City project reach level of praise as the exciting season start makes everyone bubbly

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Willie Kirk took over as manager for Leicester City Women in November last year, first joining in the summer of 2022 as a Women Director of Sport. He had earlier been in charge of Everton, Preston, Bristol City and Hibernian.

Kirk (45) has the experience of bringing teams from one level to another and that was excactly what Leicester needed, and his will to change and bring in players from a higher level has of course made the progress we are seeing at this time.

The start to the season was in a way delayed with the World Cup in Australia taking place earlier July and August. Leicester had players in that World Cup, representing New Zealand, CJ Bott, and Australia, Courtney Nevin. Both players of course also important in the Leicester City Women line-up.

The WSL team is also getting attention from other media channels, so exciting to see the attention to this developement.

New players are also seen in the camp. (F) Lena Peterman, (D) Julie Thiboud, (M) Aimee Palmer,(D) Janice Cayman, (G) Liza Kop, (M) Jutta Rantala and (F) Deanne Rose are the new faces that looks well integrated in the squad allready. Janine Leitzig came on on loan in January and the German international also made a full move to the club in the summer.

The squad looks stronger adding quality and experience with many of the players being full internationals and having time in other top flight league’s to build on.

This also shows in the goalscoring so far, Peterman and Rantala having scored twice, Palmer with one as the goals, with one exception, coming from new signings and hopefully this will continue.

So far three wins, one draw and that last game, being defeated 1-0 vs. Man City, hopefully will keep the players triggered and continue to fight with quality as the start to the season looks brighter and better than in previous campaigns.

Leicester City Women will play Liverpool away tomorrow, and on the 12th of November taking on Arsenal at home, both tough fixtures, but still hope of points and new good experiences.

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