Birch always actual, more than 40 years on, still in the news

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In todays paper issue of Daily Mail, in an interview with former England star Tony Currie, the famous kiss with Birch is still a topic.

Birch was the one asking, says TC. This was spotted by a photograph, and it went world  wide, printed in all types of magazines.

Currie also had a go at another former fox, Don Revie, who for most are more related to Leeds and England for obvious reasons.

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Currie remember being put in a room with other flamboyant players, just to be told by Revie, that they were not in his future plans for England.

The names of the players in the room were, Frank Wortington, Charlie George, Rodney Marsh, Stan Bowles and Alan Hudson. Currie, remember the episode as bizarre, since a player such as Trevor Cherry was playing in midfield for England, but in real was a left back or central defender. Currie later played for England under Ron Greenwood.

Currie had a great playing career at top level with Sheffield United and Leeds also included a FA Cup final in 1982, losing to Spurs with QPR, but as he told his story, one of his greatest highlights in a career starting at Watford in the late 60’s.

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TC as Birch is still involved in the game at Sheffield United and Leicester City. Birch is known for his fantastic charity engangement and does his run every year to collect to a better course. Currie and Birch have played many great games and scored some fantastic goals, but that kiss, is and will always be their most remembered and unusual shot.

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