Suggestion, Leicester likely to do business with Solskjaer and Man Utd

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Harry Maguire is back in the “rumor mill” and suggestions are that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will just copy Jose Mourinho’s shopping list, so this is the best opportunity ever for Claude Puel to make his mark as a Leicester City manager. As you can see, Jose, might not have been the guy taking the decisions at this club, surely someone else has something to say.

Maguire (25) is the one Solskjaer is after, and ready to splash the cash, close to £90million will it cost for Ole Gunnar to land the England international defender. But could it really happen that Claude Puel is willing to listen.

As we all have seen, players doing ok in the Premier League (above Leicester City in the table), and still fighting in the Champions League might not be as bad as everyone believe they are at the moment.

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Leicester played a number of games without Harry Maguire and it all went relatively well, looking at stats from games without Maguire in the team, so to sell him would probably be a good idea, if the fee is at that level.

Puel could go as far as saying, yes we will sell, but you have to “give me” at least two maybe three players, but who will actually sign for Leicester City, a place in the middle of nowhere, and a fanbase almost as “toxic” as the one Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will have to face and he will not live long on his legacy if things goes from bad to worse. So what is worse, than Jose, ending 3rd in the PL, going out against Paris in CL in the next round, not reaching the FA Cup final at Wembley?

Again, why would Solskjaer go after Leicester players, without shipping a few out himself. But to see any Man Utd player among the group of their 25, ready to become a fox, no way. They will not give up their “posh” life to end up in the East Midlands. Can’t see the likes of Mata, Fellaini, Jones or Shaw moving to King Power.

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Puel summer signings have been a mix of different opinion. Ghezzal is getting a lot of stick, while Soyuncu and Pereira looks to be two that the fans likes and trust. The introduction of Choudhury against Man City was also a trick that worked fine.

The problem for Leicester City is not the manager and not really the players, it’s the fixtures, coming in the wrong order. A defeat at home to Spurs is almost normal and better than the 1-6 trashing a while back, the defeat at Selhurst Park, close to getting something, is far better than last season, losing 5-0.

To see fans making “silly talk” about this and that in a game ending 1-1 against Man City, seeing Ndidi with a terrific cross, finding Albrighton who scored one of the most beautiful goals seen at King Power, makes me wondering, are these fans following football just to get their frustration out somewhere.

If Man Utd can appoint Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as their new boss out the season, Leicester City should be lucky they have Claude Puel. The problem is not about Claude, doing well or not so well, it’s about options and what you can expect of the next man.

Jose Mourinho lost his job after winning the Europa League, League Cup, qualification to Champions League in every season and ending runners-up in the league last season. Puel is on a route towards something, he needs this season to get everything correctly. He inherited an aging squad who he has started to rebuild. We will most certainly see a more finished article next season when the cleaning up, after those who gave a number of aging players new contracts, might be close to finished.

If you feel the goal Albrighton scored yesterday was boring and dull, and if you have nothing to say, without any documentation to sum up your negativity, just be silent, stay at home and stop your support for a while. Toxic fans are not good for players, the management and those who are treated very unfairly, and you will also upset owners who we all know are there to guide the club in the right direction.

Why Leicester City fans are so negative at the moment is difficult to understand as results and performances are the best since that fantastic 2015/16 season, that is well documented and you can’t take away that from Claude Puel. If you have, like Man Utd fans, a dislike towards the manager because you don’t like his face or just feel that the man is boring and doing certain things you don’t like, then please, stay away.

Often these fans without any answers, just throw out things after being frustrated with the latest result, not taking into consideration who you are playing or at what venue things are happening, then hopefully owners and players will not reflect on that, but work on and hopefully get the support they feel they deserve.

The work now is to keep fans, owners, players and management “United”, and hopefully get more points on board, so please be happy we have Claude Puel in charge, Leicester City could be much worse and end up with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as manager, and if that turns out to be a good decision Tcf will never speak or post again.

Let’s look at the bright side,

  • Still very close to a top six finish
  • A number of players have improved and looks good
  • FA Cup 3rd round soon to be played
  • Don’t start counting points over Christmas fixtures
  • Focusing 100% on the new year
  • Be more friendly, sing a song, kiss your wife
  • This squad needed a clean up
  • Producing Full England internationals
  • Making progress in games against the top six
  • More established and better equipped to be in the top half

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