100 goals, Burnley away, Rodgers talks about forwards!

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The landmark for Jamie Vardy is reached, 100 goals in all competitions and so not far from even greater records, to be the only player in the last 50 years to reach the tally of 100 league goals. Arthur Rowley and Derek Hines are in front of Vardy in the stats, but they scored most of their goals out of the top flight, Vardy has done the opposite.

To see Jamie Vardy scoring week in and week out is fascinating and gives him such a great status at Leicester City, being one of the real legends at the club when we look back on his years at the club, still a lot to come also under Brendan Rodgers.

We all know that Leicester City have players with value tags of £25million or more not really get a look in, and as long as Vardy delivers in his role, no one should have a look in, that would be terrible. Kelechi Iheanacho is the player talked about, and Rodgers sees him as a number 9 and nothing else, and to have such a luxury might not be the best.

A player sitting on the bench, not being the preferred choice should not really be there, because that is really not helping anyone, so as we saw under Puel, if a situation happens and for some reason Vardy cannot play, then Gray could be an emergency forward.

To have people on the bench just being able to play in one single position is not really ideal and would be possible to see players in other roles, bot indeed not replace Vardy at any price at the moment because he is a great forward scoring when asked.

Away to Burnley he will be crucial and this could be the ideal game for Leicester, playing a team in need for points, and just sit back and wait for the right opportunity to happen, with players such as Vardy, Tielemans and Maddison in the team, you will always create a possible winner in a game like this.

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We are talking forwards and attacking options for Leicester City, and despite having a forward that shows great quality links our up there in the summer with players who are supposed to join, the full list.

But as we have said before the game is moving in one direction and that is to have the idea of a player being able to play in two different positions, as we have seen at the top teams they have players adaptable and that is needed when you have a goal garantist.

We certainly hope for a positive experience at Burnley and that something can be achieved at Turf Moor.

Preferred line-up is the one we used against Fulham, nothing to change, the best team, no fuzz just route one to bring home three points. There could be players out, but then again slot in the most obvious in the position.

A game between Leicester and Burnley to remember was the one back in the november 1973, live covered in Norway and televised in black and white. Len Glover and Mike Stringfellow scored the goals, in a team looking like a 4-3-3 with Glover and Stringfellow covering the flanks. Worthington up front, Sammels, Birchenall and Weller in midfield, and in the back Rofe, Munro, Cross and Whitworth. Peter Shilton was in goal. Wonderful memories.

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